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RUF Celebrated During Monterey Car Week

RUF Celebrated During Monterey Car
RUF Celebrated During Monterey Car

Ruf Automobile GmbH displayed the all-new CTR and recently restored CTR ‘Yellowbird’ #001, which was awarded Best In Class at the Quail Motorsports Gathering. Seven RUF vehicles from different eras were corralled for “The Alois Ruf Reunion”, a culmination of a career that honors Alois Ruf Jr.’s decades of dedication to the automobile.

“The Alois Ruf Reunion” brought together a selection of vehicles from the marque’s history, reuniting them with Alois and Estonia Ruf on the lawns of the Quail Lodge during Monterey Car Week. RUF customers traveled from across the globe to have their vehicles on display including models like the CTR, RGT, CTR2 and CTR3 Clubsport.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here sharing our passion for the automotive hobby with RUF owners and enthusiasts,” said Alois Ruf, owner of RUF Automobile GmbH. “This is the first time that we’ve brought a RUF vehicle to the United States since 2001 and we were overwhelmed by the reception. Bringing the all new CTR to display and drive alongside Bruce Meyer’s CTR #001 was a fantastic experience.”

The two centerpieces of the RUF experiences in Monterey were the newest CTR and the first production CTR ‘Yellowbird’ #001, built in 1987. Crowned the world’s fastest car in 1987 by Road & Track magazine, CTR #001 achieved a top speed of 211 mph at the Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the CTR, RUF developed an entirely new carbon fiber monocoque-based creation. With styling by Freeman Thomas and a 710 horsepower twin-turbo flat six engine, the all-new CTR begins production later this year.

About RUF Automobile GmbH

In 1939, Alois Ruf Sr. first formed his company, AUTORUF, as a general service garage. The company grew and in 1949 Ruf Sr. added a gas station to the company complex. By 1955, Ruf Sr. recognized a need in Germany for a full-size tourist bus and challenged himself to build his own to run this as a separate business. In 1963, the company began specializing in Porsche vehicles, a direction that Alois Ruf Jr. vowed to continue when he assumed ownership of the company in 1974. In the following year, the first RUF-enhanced Porsche model made its debut.

In 1982 RUF has been approved by the German authorities as a car manufacturer in its own right, which meant that RUF cars were identified by their own VIN. In 1987 RUF achieved the approval from NHTSA and EPA in the United States. Now it is still family run by Alois and Estonia Ruf.

For more information on RUF automobiles, visit the RUF website.

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