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Limited Usefulness of Supercars

By Martin Swig

While streaking across Montana at 120 mph in my son’s Subaru Impreza, we discussed the advantages of having a much faster car. A few miles later, we crested a rise just as a Montana Highway Patrol car appeared from the opposite direction. The cop apparently had his radar off, because otherwise our Valentine One would have warned us. Taking no chances, we turned onto a farm road and disappeared before the cop had time to turn around and give chase. Fortunately, the Subaru is medium metallic gray – a very plain-Jane looking car. For fifteen minutes, we paralleled the main road on a farm road about five miles north, then rejoined the main road.

The advantages of having a faster car? None, we decided.

With a faster car, we’d have been going faster. It likely would have been a more distinctive car, easier to identify for a cop in the next town. And an expensive, distinctive car would have created a class-warfare-style confrontation between the cop and us. Rich-out-of-state-sons-of-bitches blowing through our county – that would likely lead to a bad result. Jail time?

There are plenty of very fast, low profile cars available for those of us who like to drive. The supercars are more suitable for Concours d’Elegance or country club arrivals.