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1956 Jaguar D-Type
Winner of the Rolex Best of Show, the 1956 Jaguar D-Type of William A. Pope. © 2022 Rolex / Tom O'Neal

2022 The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering

Having just attended the 19th iteration of what I will refer to as a “car culture phenomenon,” I assure you that The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, continues to grow and mature in directions even its founder Gordon McCall couldn’t foresee.

From an analytical point of view, this year’s success could be measured by a whopping 19 automobile manufacturers that chose to present new models at this year’s event. More than double the debuts of last year, one attendee I spoke with contributed this leap in growth to the Geneva Auto Show being cancelled this year. I beg to differ.

Rolex Circle of Champions "Best of Show" Award
Mr. & Mrs. William Pope of Arizona collect the Rolex Circle of Champions “Best of Show” Award at this year’s The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering. © 2022 Kahn Media
1967 Ferrari P3/412P
This meticulous recreation/tribute of a 1967 Ferrari P3/412P used many original Ferrari components. © 2022 Rex McAfee

A crossroads of luxury lifestyle and the celebration of the automobile, The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, continues to evolve far beyond beautiful faces, rolling jewelry, and gossip-hungry press. My father always thought a round of golf was the ultimate business mixer; four individuals wanting to escape life’s daily grind with their guards down about “talking shop.”

Whether one of the five culinary pavilions where strangers often share tables or waiting in line for caviar at the Road & Track refuge, it’s apparent that The Quail provides a platform for cross-pollination between a multitude of people “in the know.”

Gordon Murray Automotive model T.5
Gordon Murray Automotive revealed its model T.50 to North America at The Quail. Gordon Murray and brand ambassador Dario Franchitti were present to discuss its innovations and capabilities. © 2022 Rex McAfee

This year’s event celebrated three unique classes starting with the 50th Anniversary of the BMW “M” Division, founded in 1972. Predictably, “M” stands for motorsport, with the division’s first project being a racecar version of the 3.0 CSL model.

Later came the M1 in 1978, followed by the 1979 release of the M535i, a high-performance version of BMW’s popular 5 Series mid-size sedan.

Singer “Turbo Study”
Equally as impressive as the carbon-fiber body of the Singer “Turbo Study” is its 500+ HP engine, which is twin turbo-charged with air-to-water intercoolers. © 2022 Rex McAfee

Next was “70 Years of Jaguar and their Wins at Le Mans.” You may recall the 1950s was a golden era for British motorsport, with 5 of the 10 Le Mans 24 races won by Jaguar).

This class received the most attention due to both the nearby Pebble Beach Concours and Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion also celebrating the start of the Le Mans 24’s 100th anniversary.

Pagani Huayra R
The most powerful Pagani ever, the Huayra R, was built exclusively for track use and features an 850 hp V12 engine. © 2022 Rex McAfee

Lastly, with a spoonful of whimsical on top was “All Things MINI.” BMC manufactured the British pop-culture icon of the 1960s through 1971. Many regard the Mini as the British version of the VW Bug, and who could argue with over 5 million sold?

Czinger 21C VMAX
One of 19 “reveals,” Czinger unveiled its new model 21C VMAX with a top speed of 253 MPH. © 2022 Rex McAfee

Of course, traditional classes are always celebrated centerfield at The Quail and include the staples of motorsports:

  • Pre-War Sports & Racing: Jaguar, MG, Alfa Romeo, etc.
  • Post-War Sports: Ferrari, Mercedes, Corvette, etc.
  • Post-War Racing: Jaguar, Porsche, Allard, etc.
  • The Evolution of the Supercar: Lamborghini, Pagani, Bugatti, etc.
  • The Great Ferraris: 250 GT, 250 GTO, 275, 375, etc.
  • Sports and Racing Motorcycles: Vincent, Triumph, Honda, etc.
Attendees at the Quail 2022
Event founder Gordon McCall created The Quail for people to enjoy themselves; it looks like he succeeded. © 2022 Rex McAfee

Porsche fans are ALWAYS satisfied at the Quail for several reasons. RUF Automobile from Germany displayed its new Bergmeister prototype, while Singer Vehicle Design’s display was packed, showcasing their “Turbo Study” inspired by the original 1975 930.

Guntherwerks of Southern California wowed everybody with both their Tornado and Exoskeleton commissions.

1957 Porsche 356 Carrera GT Coupe
Shown with its large capacity GT fuel tank, this 1957 Porsche 356 Carrera GT Coupe was only 1 of 28 factory-lightened Carreras. © 2022 Rex McAfee

For those wanting to go a little faster, Hypercar manufacturer Pagani displayed an impressive collection of their ware, including 2 Huayra Rs, 3 Zonda Rs, 1 Zonda Revolución; 1 Imola, 1 Huayra BC Coupé, a Huayra BC Roadster, and the North American debut of the Huayra Tricolore.

Other notables included Czinger, who debuted the Longtail 21C V Max, and Gordan Murray Automotive, who unveiled the T.33 and T.50 supercar models.

Gunther Werks Porsche
Gunther Werks displayed this fully exposed carbon fiber exoskeleton commission, headed to its new home in Hong Kong. © 2022 Rex McAfee

While everyone has an opinion about how cars should be judged, I appreciate The Quail’s “modus operandi,” where entrants choose class winners in that class, and the Best of Show award is selected by all entrants.

This reduces stress for car owners as they are not forced to clean the bottom of their car with Q-tips worried about what the judges may find. Instead, their fee to enter includes two lawn chairs and lunch, thereby promoting enjoyment by all. This year’s winners included:

Rolex Circle of Champions “Best of Show”

  • 1956 Jaguar D-Type
  • William Pope – Arizona

Spirit of The Quail

  • 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Bertone Sprint Coupe
  • Dick McClure – California

Hagerty Drivers Foundation & Preservation Award

  • 1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona
  • Stefano Natoli – California

Octane Choice

  • 1959 Citroën Squall Prototype “The French BAT”
  • Thomas Hale – Connecticut
2020 Ferrari Monza SP2
A 2020 Ferrari Monza SP2 showed its sleek lines and “Spyder only” design. © 2022 Rex McAfee

Art Center College of Design

  • 1963 Chevrolet Corvette
  • Mike Vietro – California

50th Anniversary of the BMW M Division

  • 1980 BMW M1
  • Benjamin Clymer – New York

All Things MINI

  • 1965 Austin Mini Cooper ‘S.’
  • Eric Breslow – Nevada

70 Years of Jaguar and their Wins at Le Mans

  • 1950 Jaguar XK 120 Alloy
  • Mark Miller – California
Megacar manufacturer Christian von Koenigsegg discusses the reveal of the 20th-anniversary tribute of the original CC8S, the new CC850. © 2022 Kahn Media

Pre-War Sports & Racing Cars

  • 1929 Rolls Royce
  • The Hon. Sir Michael Kadoorie – Hong Kong

Post-War Sports 1945-1960

  • 1956 Maserati A6G Zagato
  • David Smith – Washington

Post-War Sports 1961-1975

  • 1964 ATS 2500 GTS
  • Stephen Bell – Colorado

Post-War Racing

  • 1964 Alfa Romeo TZ
  • David Eichenbaum – Florida
long-nose Porsche 911
Just when you thought there were no more fresh ideas for customizing a long-nose Porsche 911, Tuthill reveals its light weight (850kg) “911K” featuring an 11,000rpm air-cooled engine. © 2022 Rex McAfee

Evolution of the Supercar

  • 1995 Bugatti EB110SS
  • Allegra collection – Carlos DeQuesada – Connecticut

The Great Ferraris

  • 1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona
  • Mike Regalia – California

Sports and Racing Motorcycles

  • 1972 Ducati 750 Imola Racer
  • Moto Borgotaro – New York

Custom Coachwork

  • 1934 Ford Model 40 Special Speedster
  • Bruce Wanta – Washington

Car Park Concours de Quailegance

  • 1967 Oilstainlab “Half11.”
  • Iliya and Nikita Bridan – Canada
1974 Porsche Carrera RSR
Real deal 1974 Porsche Carrera RSR was looking right at home next to a sleek helicopter charter from FlexJet. © 2022 Rex McAfee

While each Car Week event on the Monterey Peninsula has its unique character, the overall experience at this year’s Quail continues to be unbeatable. Where else does your ticket include caviar, oysters, fine wines, and champagne?

With its great food, beautiful people, and a very astute selection of automobiles, the experience is world-class. Founder Gordon McCall once told me, “Cars are fun,” so it’s no wonder he left his judging duties at Pebble to create this great institution we can all look forward to every August.

Until next time…

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