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Speedfest Classic Motorsports Mitty 2012 – Report and Photos

Report and photos by David Ferguson

The Speedfest Mitty 2012 was held April 27-30 at the 2.54 mile, 12-turn Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia. A field of 336 entrants showed up to participate in the event, which is ably promoted by Classic Motorsports Magazine and sanctioned by HSR.

Triumph was the featured marque at the 2012 Speedfest Classic Motorsports Mitty, with Kas Kastner, a hard charging Triumph racer and the driving force behind Triumph’s early racing program, serving as Grand Marshal.

A group of 40 Triumphs showed up to race and be part of celebration of the historic marque. The most interesting of these was the Pete Brock-designed 1967 Triumph TR250K. This one-of-a-kind vehicle could best be described as interesting looking, but boy was it fast. Driven by Tony Garmey, the TR250K lapped a full 2.4 seconds faster than the next fastest Triumph, handily winning both Triumph class races.

The Regogo Racing team deserves the “never say die” award for the weekend. Their Lotus 23, driven by Doc Bundy, had a bad misfire when it was unloaded from the trailer on Thursday. By Friday afternoon, they still had not found the problem. They weren’t even sure if it was a fuel or ignition issue. Bundy, watching the crew working (and scratching their heads), calmly commenting that these guys never give up. “One way or another, we’ll race this weekend,” said Bundy. Sure enough, next day Doc won the first sprint race with a last lap pass, and then went on to win the Louis Chevrolet Vintage Enduro. On Sunday they completed the sweep winning the second sprint race.

Corvair fans were treated to a feast, as no less than 15 Corvairs showed up and most were Yenko Stingers. They were all sporting decals honoring Donna Mae Mims, who died recently and had worked for Don Yenko for many years. Of course, the decals were pink.

Miles Whitlock entered a 1971 Darien MKIII, which lost an engine during the first practice. He lives in nearby Atlanta, so he was able to get his 1949 Jaguar XK120 to race in Group 2. The Jaguar put on a heck of a show, with Whitlock sliding the car through turn 12, skinny tires and wire wheels flexing, fighting for what little traction they can muster, with the inside front one occasionally lifting off the ground. Great stuff!

George Robinson turned the fastest lap of the weekend, with a 1:15.304 for an average speed of 121.428 miles per hour in his beautifully painted 2007 Lola B0718.

The 45 minute Classic Motorsports Small Bore Enduro was won by Chris Thompson in a 1963 GSM Dalt/Delta. He completed 8 laps. That was because the race had to be stopped when a pop-up storm came over the track unloading a torrential downpour with thunder and lightning adding drama to the storm.

A lot goes on in a vintage car race. Some drivers are happy parading their lovely machines at speed. Some drivers are competing with the other cars in the race. Mike Levine brought his V-8 powered Corvair which races in Group 5. His clutch failed during practice, and he missed qualifying. He started the race at the back of the 41 car field. In seven laps he had caught up to James Kitzmiller’s 1969 7-liter Corvette. They were nose to tail for that last lap, with Kitzmiller holding off Levine’s last ditch effort coming off turn 12. This was for 25th place.

There were 24 races over the weekend, and most had similar duels. Some were for first, and some were for 25th. The top 3 finishers of the races are listed below the gallery. For the complete results, visit

Speedfest Mitty 2012 – Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture and description)

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Speedfest Mitty 2012 – Race Results

Classic Motorsports Small Bore Enduro
1- Chris Thompson GSM Dalt/Delta
2- Tim Baker Porsche 356
3- Jim Voss Porsche Cabriolet

Louis Chevrolet Vintage Enduro
1- Doc Bundy Lotus 23
2- Roy Walzer/Phil Harris Lotus 23
3- Jonathan & Alan Ziegeir Porsche 914.6

Louis Chevrolet Classic GT Enduro
1- Roy Walzer Chevron B-16 Spyder
2- Jim Stemgel Pratt & Miller RM-2
3- James Cullen Ford GT

Louis Chevrolet Historic, GTP/WSC/DP Enduro
1- Andy Wallace/Doug Smith Audi R8
2- George Robinson/ Paul Davis Lola B0718
3- David Porter Pescarolo

Klub Sport Porsche Challenge
1- Frank Beck Porsche 914.6
2- Cody Ellsworth Porsche 911 ST
3- Jonathan Ziegelman Porsche 914.6

Jack Lewis Enterprises Int./American Challenge
1- Jody O’Donnell Corvette
2- Alan Sevadjian Corvette
3- Barry Rivas Jaguar XKE

Group 1 Triumph
Race 1
1- Tom Garmey TR 250K
2- Mike Munson TR6
3- Randy Williams TR3

Race 2
1- Tom Garmey
2- Randy Williams
3- Leigh Derby Spitfire

Race 1
1- Roy Walzer Lotus Elan
2- Doug Campbell Ginetta 4
3- Paul Swanson Porsche 256

1- Doug Campbell
2- Herb Wetanson Lotus 7
3- Paul Swanson

Race 1
1- Doc Bundy Lotus 23
2- Jonathan Ziegelman Porsche 914.6
3- Roy Walzer Lotus 23

Race 2
1- Doc Bundy
2- Donald Norby Jaguar XKE
3- Jonathan Ziegelman

Race 1
1- Jim Dixon Dallara Indy Car
2- Joel Quadracci Lola 97-20
3- David Sugg Lola 97-20

Race 2
1- Jim Dixon
2- Joel Quadracci
3- Paul Morgan Dallara IRL

Race 1
1- Byron De Foor Lola T70
2- Edward Sevadjian Corvette
3- Farrell Preston McLaren M1B

Race 2
1- Edward Sevadjian
2- Farrell Preston
3- Dennis Olthoff GT40 MKII

Race 1
1- George Robinson Lola B0718
2- Andy Wallace Audi R8
3- Toby Bean Intrepid GT

Race 2
1- Travis Engen Audi R8
2- Andrea Robertson Ford GT Mark 7
3- Scott Spencer Argo JM19

Race 1
1- Dalton Zehr Shelby Can Am
2- Gene Felton Chevy Nova
3- Steve Simpson Frissbee Can Am

1- Steve Simpson
2- Dalton Zehr
3- Bob Lima Lola T298

Race 1
1- Mark Furcini Dodge Charger
2- John Finger Chevy Monte Carlo
3- Jack Finch Dodge Charger

Race 2
1- John Finger
2- Brian Norman Dodge Charger
3- Jack Finch

Race 1
1- Phil Lasco Mustang Trans Am
2- Donald Soenen Mustang Trans Am
3- Richard Howe Mustang Trans Am

Race 2
1- Phil Lasco
2- Donald Soenen
3- Zach Monette Mustang

[Source: David Ferguson]

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  1. Low yellow sun, red dirt, green trees and David Ferguson make for a great selection of images. Of course a good group of vintage/historic cars help. David good eyes, hope to see more of your work on soon.

  2. I could be wrong but it appears the photo Bill Dentinger in a 1956 TR3 is ion reality a TR2?

    1. Whenever I’m unsure of what type of car I’ve posted, I use the information on the entry list. Bill’s car is listed as an early TR3. The first TR3s had the smaller opening, similar to the TR2, but the grill was flush with the bodywork. The TR2 grill was set in. Technically, the Triumphs with the larger and better known opening are TR3A’s. I hope this clears it up for you Howard.
      Dave Ferguson