Round 4 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series

Round 4 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series – Hampton Downs

On his series return, Grant Martin had what it took to score two race wins at The Paul Fahey Legends of Speed meeting in Hampton Downs (round 4 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series).

The 2020/21 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series final round, being The Paul Fahey Legends of Speed meeting, was held on the weekend of March 20 -21 at Hampton Downs, Waikatao, New Zealand. Three races took place over the weekend with category returnee Grant Martin taking out two races.

Photos by Matt Smith

Formula 5000 vehicles
f5000 tasman cup revival
Round 4 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series

Race 1

The weekend initially appeared as if Michael Collins (Leda GM1) was going to maintain his winning streak; however, Grant Martin stole the show by qualifying second with his Talon MR1/A and then lead in the first race from start to finish.

Martin was able to outmaneuver pole-sitter Michael Collins after the starter held the lights till the very last second, and despite all good effort, the young Christchurch champion was powerless to find a way past until the last lap.

Round 4 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series underway

On entering the downhill hairpin, his car’s half (drive) shafts let go, which left Collins at the side of the track, and Martin was able to progress ahead and finish the final lap unchallenged. 

Codie Banks and Kevin Ingram (both in the Lola T332) finished the race second and third respectfully.

Fourth place went to Glenn Richards (Lola T400), who started the race from P10 on the grid but could make up ground throughout the race.

The fourth quickest qualifier, David Banks, could not make the grid as he was encountering an issue with his Talon MR1’s crown and pinion.

racing in New Zealand

Bruce Kett, in his newly acquired ex-Ian Riley Lola T332, qualified in 16th place but with some skilled driving finished the race in 11th position.

Qualifying of Round 4 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series

Michael  Collins (Leda GM1)1:01.351 
Grant Martin  (Talon MR1/A) 1:01.699
Codie Banks (Lola T332)1:02.728
David Banks (Talon MR1)1:02.843
Kevin Ingram (Lola T332)1:03.656
Anna Collins  (Leda LT27)1:03.854
Brett Willis (Lola T332)1:03.968
Tom Alexander (McLaren M10B)1:03.971
Glenn Richards (Lola T400)1:04.349
Shayne Windelburn (Lola T400) 1:06.636
Tim Rush (McLaren M22) 1:08.426
12. Russell Greer (Lola T332) 1:08.506
Frank Karl (McLaren M10B) 1:08.529
Tony Roberts (McLaren M10A)1:11.440
Toby Annabell (McLaren M10B) 1:11.843
Bruce Kett (Lola T332) 1:12.802
17. Chris Watson (Gardos) 1:23.520
Racing in March
The pits
F5000 in New Zealand

Race 1 (Sat 8 laps) of Round 4 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series

Grant Martin  (Talon MR1/A) 8:22.228
Codie Banks (Lola T332) +6.923
Kevin Ingram (Lola T332) +13.551
4. Glenn Richards (Lola T400)         +21.246
Brett Willis (Lola T332) +22.576
Anna Collins  (Leda LT27) +22.912
Shayne Windelburn (Lola T400) +30.779
Tim Rush (McLaren M22) +42.065
Frank Karl (McLaren M10B) +51.612
Tony Roberts (McLaren M10A) +53.719
Bruce Kett (Lola T332)+62:101
Toby Annabell (McLaren M10B) +1 lap
Chris Watson (Gardos) +1 lap
DNF. Michael Collins 7 laps; Russell Greer 6 laps
Round 4 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series
Racing Formula 5000 in  New Zealand

Race 2 (Sun am 8-lap handicap start)

Shayne Windelburn 8:58.521
Kevin Ingram +3.254  
Tim Rush +8.921
4. Russell Greer +9.863
Frank Karl +10.261
Glenn Richards +10.330 
Mike Collins   +11.704 
Grant Martin+15.931
Tony Roberts  +19.103   
10. Anna Collins +19.556
Codie Banks +9:18.821
Bruce Kett +1 lap 
Toby Annabell +1 lap
Hampton Downs Racing
Stop Engines
Round 4 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series

Race 3 (Final Sun pm 10 laps)

The final race for the season saw Grant Martin (Talon MR1A) earn his second series race win of the weekend against Michael Collins (Leda GM1). Kevin Ingram (Lola T332) was able to hold third, while Anna Collins (Leda LT27) and Glenn Richards (Lola T400) came in fourth and fifth, respectively. 

No 50 racing

Unfortunately, early in the race, the field had to spend three laps behind the Safety Car to get Chris Watson’s Gardos out of the gravel trap between Turns 1 and 2 at the end of the short straight. 

When the track went green, Collins made his way up into the second place, and Grant Martin’s Talon MR1/A was in his sights; however, it was not to be with Martin taking victory in the race.  

Collins shared, “Seriously, I really wanted to win that one, and I would have had him if there had been one more lap.”    

McLaren racing

Race 3 (Final Sun pm 10 laps) 

Grant Martin  13:28.700  
Mike Collins  +0.075
Kevin Ingram +5.499
Anna Collins  +6.316
Glenn Richards +7.979  
Codie Banks      +12.562
Shayne Windelburn +14.144 
Bruce Kett +20.793
Tim Rush   +21.667
Russell Greer +27.327
Frank Karl +31.401
Tony Roberts +35.824
Toby Annabell +36.408
DNF. Chris Watson
in the pits at the Formula 5000 in Hampton Downs
Formula 5000 car
F5000 vehicle

The SAS Autoparts MSC NZ F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series is run and organized with the help and support of the sponsors SAS Autoparts, MSC, NZ Express Transport, Mobil Lubricants, Bonney’s Specialised Bulk Transport, Pacifica, Webdesign, Avon Tyres, and Exide Batteries. 

[Source: New Zealand Formula 5000 Association, Photos by Matt Smith]



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  1. Back in the day F5000 really was something else; in those days I hung out at Oulton Park (UK) as a photographer- happy days. I was great to have loads of the cars back over here just a few years ago.
    Excellent photos although the back-grounds to our shots these days seem to contain too many safari-park fences and steel barriers!