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Museo Enzo Ferrari’s Game Changers exhibit continues to excite

World-class exhibit to close February 2024

Since its earliest days, Ferrari has been renowned for its passionate soul and focus on both the future and innovation. Driven, of course, by the pioneering spirit of its founder Enzo Ferrari. The Prancing Horse’s path was clear even from its very first car, the 125 S, which debuted in 1947 clothed in a completely original design and powered by a high-revving but lightweight 1,500cc V12. Its arrival marked the beginning of a long series of game-changing cars that made history and left an indelible mark on the automotive world.

Starting point

This is the starting point of the Museo Enzo Ferrari’s Game Changers exhibition, which showcases some of the most significant cars in Prancing Horse history in a wholly new context, this time telling the Maranello marque’s story through the eyes of innovation. For almost a year now, the exhibit Game Changers has taken visitors on a journey of exploration of Ferrari’s most revolutionary models and their futuristic designs, the most innovative technology it adopted in its competition and GT cars alike, and the outstanding performance delivered by its relentless research and development, which resulted in its most unforgettable victories. The story was revealed to the Museum’s guests as they explored the exhibition, which was divided into three sections: design, technology, and performance.

Virtuoso designs

Peerless examples of virtuoso design are the 375 MM, penned by Pinin Farina in 1952, which was also the first one-off commissioned by Roberto Rossellini for Ingrid Bergman, and the 166 MM, the first aluminum-bodied Barchetta clothed in light, captivatingly elegant lines. A prime example of Ferrari’s technological innovation is the 400 Automatic, the first 2+2 Grand Tourer to introduce in 1976, the automatic gearbox in response to market demand and the needs of an increasingly sophisticated international clientele. Another is the Ferrari F1-89, the first-ever single-seater to adopt an electrohydraulic gearbox.

Performance first

In the Performance section, visitors can admire the 1973 365 GT4 BB, the first mid-engine GT Berlinetta with an original 180° V12, and 2005’s Ferrari FXX, the first model in a Prancing Horse special series designed specifically for track use. The exhibition journey culminates perfectly in the story of the marque’s Innovation, a subject dear to Ferrari, and its very latest game changer, the Purosangue, giving the public its first up-close glimpse of Ferrari’s latest arrival, which is also the first four-door, four-seater Ferrari.  A completely original car in every way: the ultimate combination of sleek athletic design, comfort, versatility, and driving thrills. Exhibit will close February 2024.

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