Monterey Reunion Day 2 Livestream Happening Right Now

Watch classic race cars at speed around Laguna Seca!

For those not aware, the Monterey Car Week has been happening since August 6, 2021. It runs through to Sunday, August 15, but as part of it, the Monterey Reunion is a special event where classic Formula 1, Indycar, and other classes of both open and closed wheel race cars lap the legendary Laguna Seca reactrack.

Monterey Reunion Classic 1967 Ford Mustang race car

Happening right now, a live stream showing off some of the best cars doing laps around the track is happening here:

You will see everything from classic 1960s Le Mans and Touring cars to 1980s Indy and Formula 1 cars. You will see 1960 Cobra 427s side by side with 1960s Corvette C2 L89 factory race cars.

Monterey Reunion Classic Porsche cars

In other words, if you like any race car that existed between 1950 and 1990, in pretty much any category, the live stream, which will continue on for the rest of the day, is where you can see them where they belong. Not so much driven in anger, but driven on a proper, classic race track!


Monterey Reunion Indycars through the corkscrew

Today’s schedule is more aimed at the higher classes of racing, including classic NASCAR, Formula 1, Le Mans Prototypes, and the like.

Monterey Reunion classic touring cars


If you missed yesterday’s live stream, the full 8-hour broadcast is available here:

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