Ferrari 312 T2 in the Corkscrew.
Ferrari 312 T2 in the Corkscrew.

Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2013 – Report and Photos

Report and photos by Dennis Gray

The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2013 was held August 15-18 at the 2.238-mile, 11-turn Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Salinas, California. Learning new things about old cars was the thread that ran throughout the weekend, as visitors to this year’s Reunion witnessed historic race cars from nearly every era, dating as far back as a 1911 National 40 to a more modern-day 1992 Mazda RX-7 92P. The field of 550 historic racers were divided into 16 groups according to age and engine capacity and chosen for their period-correct presentation.

Formerly known as the Monterey Historic Automobile Races or Monterey Historics, the 2013 edition of the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvette. A total of 45 Corvettes were among the historic automobile entries, and the Corvette Heritage Display featured a collection of the most important cars in Corvette’s evolution.

Richard Ravel drove his good friend Charlie Elman’s polo white 1954 Corvette, the oldest ‘Vette that has ever raced at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Festival, in Group 5B for 1947-1955 Sports Racing and GT Cars. “We’ve raced it here for 30 years,” said Ravel. “We started racing it here in 1980, but in 2009 Charlie wanted to retire the car. Because this year the event is honoring the 60 years of Corvette, I convinced him that it would be good to bring it back just one more time.”

Rolex Awards of Excellence were awarded in each race category to individual drivers who were determined by an independent panel to be “most deserving,” and the event’s highest “Spirit of Monterey” honor, which is coupled with the awarding of a specially engraved 18k stainless steel and gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, went to the driver who, simply and elegantly stated, excelled in the spirit of the weekend.

“I don’t get teary easily, but this kind of thing will choke you up a little bit,” said this year’s Spirit of Monterey honoree John Harden of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. “To win a Rolex timepiece and to have my name put on a placard at this track alongside some of my heroes is a big deal for me.”

Harden drove his 1963 Huffaker Genie Mark VIII on Saturday in Group 4A for 1960-1968 Sports Racing USRRC Cars. His first race was in 1953 when he competed in one of the Pebble Beach Road Races, which ran from 1950-1956 through the Del Monte Forest before “Laguna Seca” was purpose-built in 1957 as a permanent race facility. It was appropriate, he said, that where he raced his very first race should be the same place he raced his very last. At age 81, Harden has taken his racing helmet off for good, officially retiring after yesterday’s race here, where he finished a very respectable eighth out of 33 cars running in his class.

Similar to the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 races, Senior Photographer Dennis Gray also documented the 2013 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, offering the following photos that highlight the diverse line-up of historic racing cars battling the straights, curves and drops of Laguna Seca.

Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2013 – Photo Gallery (photos: Dennis Gray)

Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2013 – Race Results


Group 1A – Pre 1940 Sports Racing and Touring Cars
1. Steve Walker Amity, OR – 1935 BMW 315 Special
2. Ivan Zaremba San Rafael, CA – 1935 Railton Light Sport Tourer Roadster
3. Richard Parsons Millthorpe, ENG – 1930 Frazer Nash Interceptor
4. Peter Muelder Gruenwald, GER – 1938 BMW 328
5. John Hampson Santa Barbara, CA – 1934 MG K3 Magnette Sports

Group 1B – 1955-1961 Sports Racing Cars over 2000cc
1. Herbert Wetanson New York, NY – 1960 Lola Mk 1A
2. Frank Zucchi Livermore, CA – 1960 Piranha Sports Racer
3. Michael Vogel Mill Valley, CA – 1961 Huffaker Genie Mk IV
4. Terry Hefty Lafayette, CO – 1959 Cooper Monaco T49
5. William H. Lyon Newport Beach, CA – 1960 Porsche RS 60 Spyder

Group 2A – 1927-1951 Racing Cars
1. Paddins Dowling Carmel Valley, CA – 1939 Maserati 4CL
2. Jeffrey O’Neill Larkspur, CA – 1957 Maserati 250F
3. Peter Giddings Danville, CA – 1926 Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix
4. Jon Shirley Medina, WA – 1934 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3
5. David B. Duthu Houston, TX – 1949 Talbot Lago T26C/DA Grand Prix

Group 2B – 1958-1963 Formula Junior Cars
1. Danny Baker San Francsico, CA – 1963 Lotus 27
2. Nicholas Colyvas San Francisco, CA – 1963 Lotus 27
3. Chris Locke San Anselmo, CA – 1963 Lotus 27 Formula Junior
4. Robert Hoemke Abilene, TX – 1962 Cooper T59
5. Doug Mockett Christiansted, USVI – 1961 Cooper T56

Group 3A – 1955-1962 GT Cars
1. Tony Garmley Gig Harbor, WA -1962 Chevrolet Corvette
2. Rob Walton Scottsdale, AZ – 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta
3. Patrick Byrne Spokane, WA – 1956 Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce
4. Alec Hugo Mill Valley, CA – 1962 Porsche 356B
5. Andrew Prill Burbank, CA – 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster

Group 3B – 1966-1984 Formula 1 Cars
1. Steve Cook Yountville, CA – 1974 March 741 Formula 1
2. James King Telluride, CO – 1976 March 761 Formula 1
3. Nicholas Colyvas San Francisco, CA – 1974 Tyrrell 007
4. Bud Moeller McLean, VA – 1979 Ensign N-179
5. Keith Frieser Puyallup, WA – 1973 Shadow DNI

Group 4A – 1960-1968 Sports Racing USRRC Cars
1. Ilya Burkoff Rolling Hills, CA – 1969 McLaren M6B
2. Harindra de Silva Palos Verdes, CA – 1965 Elva MK 8
3. R. Gray Gregory Houston, TX – 1969 Chevron B16
4. Dan Cowdrey Winnetka, CA – 1966 Lola T70 MkII
5. Jeffrey Abramson Alamo, CA – 1966 Lotus 23C

Group 4B – 1970-1979 Sports Racing Cars under 2000cc
1. Memo Gidley Pleasanton, CA – 1973 Lola T282
2. Eddie Lawson Las Vegas, NV – 1975 Osella PA 3/5
3. Keith Frieser Puyallup, WA – 1972 Lola T290
4. John Hill Seattle, WA – 1974 Lola T282
5. Erich Joiner Torrance, CA – 1977 Chevron B36

Group 5A – 1963-1966 GT Cars over 2500cc
1. Bruce Canepa Scotts Valley, CA – 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
2. James Farley Santa Monica, CA – 1965 Shelby Cobra
3. Tommy Steuer Bogata, COL – 1965 Chevrolet Corvette
4. Erickson Shirley Vail, CO – 1964 Chevrolet Corvette
5. John Bowe Aspendale, AUS – 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

Group 5B – 1947-1955 Sports Racing and GT Cars
1. Dave Zurlinden Redwood City, CA – 1953 Tatum GMC Special S/R
2. Rob Manson Barcelona, SP – 1952 Manning Special Mercury
3. Don Pepperdine Monterey, CA – 1949 Baldwin Special Roadster
4. John Buddenbaum Bend, OR – 1949 Jaguar Special Don Parkinson
5. Graham Smith Capistrano Beach, CA – 1950 Allard J-2 Le Mans

Group 6A – 1973-1982 FIA, IMSA GT, GTX, AAGT, GTU, GTP Cars
1. John Watkins Anderson, CA – 1970 Ford Boss Mustang
2. Ken Epsman Santa Clara, CA – 1976 Dekon Monza
3. Didier Andre Vourles, FRA – 1977 Greenwood Corvette
4. Ranson Webster Reno, NV – 1976 Porsche 935 K3
5. Larry Webster Woodcliff Lake, NJ – 1980 BMW M1 Procar

Group 6B – 1981-1989 FIA Manufacturers Championship Cars and IMSA 1982-1991 GTO, GTP Cars
1. Weldon Munsey Irvine, CA – 1992 Mazda RX7-92P
2. Jeremy Barnes Irvine, CA – 1991 Mazda RX-7
3. Pieter Baljet Duncan, BC, CAN – 1990 Chevrolet Beretta
4. John McKenna Auburn, WA – 1985 Mercury Capri
5. Yojiro Terada Irvine, CA 1990 Mazda 787B

Group 7A – 1955-1961 Sports Racing Cars over 2000cc
1. David Swig Scottsdale, AZ – 1958 Scarab MK I
2. Butch Gilbert Westley, CA – 1958 Hagemann-Sutton Special
3. Erickson Shirley Vail, CO – 1959 Lister Costin
4. Donald Orosco Monterey, CA – 1958 Lotus 15
5. Jonathan Feiber Atherton, CA – 1960 Maserati Tipo 61

Group 7B – 1961-1966 GT Cars under 2500cc
1. Joe Huffaker Iowa City, IA – 1972 Jensen-Healey Roadster
2. Dalmo De Vasconcelos Rio de Janeiro, BRA – 1965 Lotus Elan 26R Spec
3. Win Seipp Portola Valley, CA – 1964 Lotus Super Seven
4. Michael Sweeney San Francisco, CA – 1966 Ginetta G4R
5. Kent Morgan Monrovia, CA – 1968 Chevron B8

Group 8A – 1966-1972 Historic Trans Am Cars
1. Bruce Canepa Scotts Valley, CA – 1970 AMC Javelin
2. Jim Hague Santa Clara, CA – 1970 Ford Boss Mustang 302
3. Bill Ockerlund Holland, MI – 1969 Chevrolet Penske Camaro
4. Gary Goeringer Morgan Hill, CA – 1968 Ford Mustang
5. Jim Halsey Los Angeles, CA – 1965 Shelby Cobra GT350

Group 8B – Weissach Cup for Porsche 911 Cars from 1964 to 1975
1. Erich Joiner Torrance, CA – 1972 Porsche 911 2.4S/RSR
2. Jim Bouzaglou – 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR
3. Ranson Webster Reno, NV – 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR
4. Olga Reindlova New York, NY – 1969 Porsche 911
5. Michael O’Callaghan Castro Valley, CA – 1969 Porsche 911S


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[Source: Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion; Dennis Gray]

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  1. Many of these images have a near mythical feel to them. Is it the fog, the excellent cars or simply the sheer quality of Dennis Gray? (I’m guessing the latter). Well done to all.

  2. Dennis, Great shots as usual love the one marked, The Fog Continues To Burn Off! Great view! Sorry I missed you at Tremblant, a beach in Maine was calling that week. Would have been great to finally meet and chat. There is always next year!

    1. Steve.
      I’ll be at Mont Tremblant next year with the f8 Motorsports Photography Workshop group. We had a great time this year and the workshop participants created some wonderful images.
      Looking forward to meeting you and other followers of

  3. Bravo to for the expansive coverage of the Monterey and Carmel events, the first thing I did each morning was turn on the internet to see what new story would appear. The photography was great, and the news of an auction sale for $27.5 million really puts this in a different class of fantasy. On the subject of fantasy, my interest is with the racing at Laguna Seca /Mazda Raceway, and the images Dennis produced this year are the best ever. The detail was so finely captured that I felt like I was there, experiencing the racing excitement from 900 miles away.

  4. Thank you Dennis,once again your photographs have given me a “nearly was there” feeling. Great Photographic coverage of my favorites,1950s and 60s sportsracing cars,and production sports cars. A couple of questions Dennis, in your photograph # 319 behind the Morgan +4 is a red sportsracer with white stripes, I´m sure I never saw a photograph of this car on its own. Just what is it?. Also in the picture # 250, with the Sadler FJ is a red FJ? # 9, any idea as to what it is?. thanks once again Dennis, cheers from Sweden.

    1. Graham.
      Thanks to you and all the our readers who have taken the time to leave a comment or send an email. As to your questions on the cars image #250 shows Bill Sadler’s 1959 Sadler FJr. followed by Carl Stirtz in his BMC Huffaker Mk.1 FJr. They are just going over the crest and into The Corkscrew Sunday morning in heavy fog. Image #319 is the 1953 Morgan Plus 4 TT/Le Mans Special driven by Dennis Glavis, on the far right is just the front of Robert Williams’ 1952 Siata Daina Barchetta on the left is Bruce Glascock in his 1950 Crosley Almquist powered by a flat head Ford with three carbs. And again thanks to our many readers for their comments, emails and other communications on our coverage of this event.

  5. We were there with 2 cars, a 1959 Kellison & a 1968 Vette, and the pics really show the action. Thanks!! But what wasn’t mentioned was the appalling number of contact accidents and way too many of-course excursions. The quality of driving was the worst I’ve ever seen at any event, and I’ve been driving since 1971. Someone buys a $4 million car, attends a 3 day driving school, and thinks he’s Jackie Stewart!

  6. Excellent photographs. Thank you for taking them and making them available. It is an amazing event; more people need to learn about it and appreciate the history behind these cars.
    It is unfortunate that some drivers forget the event is about the cars (and sharing them with the public, not about the drivers or winning) and push past their abilities resulting in accidents ……..hopefully there will not be many such instances in the future.
    Cheers to Dennis Gray for capturing the excitement and adventure.

  7. I second the comments on the great coverage and photos. Count me as another that was really disappointed in the amount of wrecks at this year’s event. I would say that’s a big factor in why the quality of cars keeps decreasing every year. Say what you want about Steve Earle, but he would not have put up with it…and for good reason. The cars are the stars!