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Jaguar E2A at Le Mans Classic 2012

Le Mans Classic 2012 – Report and Photos

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The second to last grid is reserved for cars from 1966-1971 and some of the top attention grabbers would be no less than three Porsche 917K, three Ferrari 512 and two Alfa Romeo Tipo 33. Yet the crowd favourite tends to be the jet-powered Howmet TX, with its distinguishable sound.

The last grid covers 1972 until 1979 and gives a field dominated with BMW and Porsche, luckily you can find some odd-balls here as well such as a Moynet LM or a Ligier JS2 Maserati. Of course the American continent is well represented here with Corvette, which have become a permanent fixture at Le Mans in the last decade. Yet also some rare American cars, at least for in Europe such as a Chevrolet Monza and a Ford Gran Torino that does look way too big and heavy compared to the rest of the field.

The Le Mans Classic is in the first place all about 24 hours of racing, and the die-hard fans do stay up all night to watch from different spots around the track. But there is so much more then “just” the racing. In the paddock you find the shopping village and also a Heritage Concours with 24 cars from which the owners don’t feel like racing their precious gems or a few cars that are too recent to fit in any of the classes. Best of Show this year went to the 1950 Cadillac Le Monstre that was driven by Briggs Cunningham.

On Friday the crowd got treated to a visit from the Ferrari 250 GTO Tour, with 23 pieces of the most expensive car in the world doing three parade laps. If that isn’t enough you still had the manufacturer displays from Mazda, Porsche, BMW and Renault to show some of their heritage. After that you could take a stroll over the Bugatti circuit, that is the permanent inner racetrack at Le Mans, that was filled with over 8000 classic and sports cars from spectators, not counting the huge amount that remained in the camping grounds.

Despite the cold weather and regular rain showers this year that didn’t prevent 109,000 visitors (10,000 more than the 2010 edition) to enjoy the massive show in and around the holy ground of Le Mans. All we can say is bring on 2014!!

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1967 Porsche 907
Porsche 907 followed by Porsche 906, Porsche 914/6 and Porsche 906
1968 Howmet TX
1968 Howmet TX provided audio thrills
1971 Ferrari 512M
1971 Ferrari 512M
1971 Alfa Romeo T33/3
1971 Alfa Romeo T33/3
1975 BMW 3.5 CSL
1975 BMW 3.5 CSL

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  1. Great coverage Dirk & SCD; we at the Classic Car Club of America laud your coverage of Classic events. The Holman Engineering Racing Team (CCCA & VSCCA members) is en route from Paris/LeMans where they raced their ’28 Blackhawk in the Classic; in the past year, the Stutz also was raced at the Indy Centennial in a re-enactment of the historic first race between Stutz & Hispano Suiza. Though they were beat in the original race, the Stutz pulled off the win this time (hats off to Sam Mann however in the Hispano, it was a tight race)! So in the course of a year or so, the same car has raced at both Indy and the Lemans Classic. We appreciate your coverage of significant Classic events. You have the best digest of any we have seen! Keep up the great coverage!

    1. Hello Mr Holman

      Thank you for your kind words, and of course i saw the Stutz on track, it looked great
      i love plateau 1, altough they do get “lost” on the LM track, it is just too big and too long of straights for those cars.
      I didn’t knew that that was raced like that at Indy, too bad Sam Mann didn’t bring that Hispano here then, altough i can’t remember if an Hispano has ever raced at LM

  2. Dear Dirk,

    This is a nice report on Le Mans Classic with very nice pics.
    I need to be in contact with you.
    Could you please contact me at[@]
    Many thanks in advance,