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Club Artistes Auto Searching for New Members

By Will Silk
Artists Nicolas Cancelier of Belgium, Paul Chenard of Canada, Anna-Louise Felstead of the United Kingdom and Rick Rucker of the United States have created an international organization of automotive artists entitled Club Artistes Auto (CAA).  Ferrari Barcelona 1971 by Paul ChenardThe goal of the new organization is to assist automotive artists on an international level by pooling resources to get their art more widely known across the globe. 
There is no age restrictions to join the CAA, however, all applicants will be required to submit a portfolio to be reviewed by a panel of four judges, with skill and creativity of the applicant being priorities.  Judges on the panel will serve a one-year term, as after the first year the four founding member judges will give the portfolio review responsibility to a new set of member judges, each judge responsible for finding their replacement.
The new organization also wishes to encourage new idea and technique exchanges amongst its members.  The CAA wants to offer shared events, where the group would book their booths together so that they can watch for each others booths, and socialize together while enjoying the event.  A dinner after the day’s event would also be included.  Joint promos and the organizing of art exhibitions at major events is also a planned benefit, allowing members to take part in events that perhaps would not be open to them individually.  With a strong membership of quality automotive artists, the CAA will be able to reserve a block of booths for members attending events, and in some instances, get a discounted rate. A web presence with a blog, a forum and a members gallery will eventually be part of the benefits from joining the CAA.
“The potential for automotive artists is huge; this is the only group of truly international automotive artists,” says artist and founding member Paul Chenard. 
For those with a passion for creating automotive related art, learn more about the CAA by contacting Paul Chenard via email at or by visiting
[Source: CAA]