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Volvo Hot Rod – Car Profile

Hot Rods are not the typical car profile you can expect from Sports Car Digest, but this is far from a typical hot rod. Volvo commissioned Leif Tufvesson, winner of awards such “Hot Rod of the Year” and “Most Innovative Car”, to build a car to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the first Volvo.

Volvo Hot Rod Jakob

Details: Volvo five cylinder turbo with 265 hp; 5-speed manual from Volvo 960; Dark Blue/Tan; steering wheel comes from a 1962 P1800, as do the gear lever and steering column, while the brake pedal and master cylinder are from the 140 Series. The engine runs on eco-friendly ethanol.

Interestingly, Volvo Cars design director Steve Mattin says the hot rod is a good fit for the image of Volvo, “We have for some time now been moving Volvo towards a more daring design language. The Hot Rod Jakob does of course go its own way, but I regard it more as a work of art than as a Hot Rod. The car is built with the very same Scandinavian design tradition as our modern Volvo models. Lean elegance, yet in a way that sticks out.”

We wholeheartedly agree. We would like one in our garage, if only to stare at it. Needless to say, Volvo has no intention to make this a production model.

Volvo Hot Rod Pictures:

Volvo Hot Rod Jakob

Volvo Hot Rod next to vintage Volvo

Volvo Hot Rod Interior

Volvo Hot Rod Rear Photo

[Source: Volvo]