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Car Of The Day: 1989 Vector W8

Founded by industry veteran Gerald Wiegert in Wilmington, California, this company, through the production of its Vector W8 Twin Turbo, would make its entrance into the automotive establishment with a manner which would be fittingly described as “shock and awe”.

Initially dubbed the W2 in its prototype stage, the W8 Twin Turbo would eventually go on to become a 6.0L, mid-engined, rear-wheel drive, V8 supercar with 625-horsepower, and an extroverted chassis/exterior composed of carbon fiber, kevlar, and aerospace-grade materials.

In the end, there were only 17 customer cars built – plus two prototypes – before production was eventually ceased. Today, the W8 Twin Turbo has a small but formidable cult following of whom the nostalgia is not lost on. It is considered a classic unicorn car which is on the radar of many private collectors. Examples come up for sale every now and then and are able to fetch huge money – from $200,000 USD for restoration projects to as much as $1,000,000 USD for mint examples.

Despite things not really taking off for Vector Aeromotive Corporation, Wiegart had still achieved his goal of shaking up the automotive industry, by producing a supercar like no other before it. Some would even argue that the Vector W8 Twin Turbo has forged a distinguishable legacy, putting the U.S. on the map as a serious super(car) power by setting the stage for the production of future supercars with a ‘Made In America’ distinction, such as the Ford GT and Saleen S7.

Photo Source: Vintage | Cars @oldtimegarage