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Bugatti’s US Grand Tour was breathtaking

A remarkable adventure in the American West

Settled amongst the untamed landscape of the American West, an illustrious procession of Bugatti models shines regardless of the unpredictable – and in some cases extreme – weather. However, the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship will always deliver, regardless of the conditions. For the 2023 edition of the famed Bugatti Grand Tour America, the iconic French brand brought customers together for an expedition through the spectacular scenes of Utah and Colorado.

Exploring the vast wilderness of Utah

The four-day Bugatti Grand Tour America 2023 set off from The Lodge at Blue Sky in Park City – a lavish resort built in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains tucking up alongside the sublime beauty of Silver Creek – heading towards the vast sandstone formations of Moab. The first stop was Helper, Utah, where guests discovered the irresistible beauty of the 1924 Conoco Station. Meticulously restored to its former splendor, the prominent landmark is an exceptional bookend to Helper’s historic Main Street.

From the revered Conoco Station, the twenty Bugatti hyper sportscars enjoyed dramatic scenery and the distinctive soundtrack of W16 engines in route to Ulum Moab, an outdoor resort nestled amidst 200 acres of unspoiled desert terrain. A spectacular day of driving saw the Bugatti masterpieces form a magical on-road connection, exuding free-flowing energy, presence, and wanderlust – rare elements and emotional attributes that the automobiles from Molsheim demonstrate like nothing else. As dusk fell, the guests experienced an enchanting night under the bright stars, with a gourmet evening meal complementing the organic natural environment. The cackle of wood-burning fireplaces added to the serene evening atmosphere as the moon towered in the night sky.

Moab to Aspen in challenging conditions

The following day, as the sun gleamed over the desert, the adventurous group of Bugatti owners took their place behind the wheels of their hyper sports cars, ready for another day of thrilling vistas. But what would unfold shortly after taking to the road led to an unforeseen increase in the spirit of adventure. As heavy rain – and later that day, even snow – fell from above, the road from Ulum to Aspen through Gateway Canyon, intertwined with magnificent cliffs of vivid red and black colors, was given an extra rough and mysterious touch.

Although a Bugatti hyper sports car embodies high performance, exquisite luxury, and craftsmanship, the uncompromising approach to total safety and reliability is just as important to the brand’s ethos. This attribute quickly became apparent during the second day of the Grand Tour America, with state-of-the-art safety technologies aiding drivers in negotiating the perilous road conditions safely. Following an elegant reception and dinner at a luxurious private home with stunning views of the city, the destination for the evening was Hotel Jerome, the perfect spot for the guests to rest for the night ahead of the tour’s final day. Initially built in 1889 as a North American competitor to the Ritz in Paris, Hotel Jerome is today seen by many as the beating heart of Aspen, with its timeless architecture and authentic character.

Aspen’s beautiful surroundings

With the adverse weather in Aspen maintaining a level of ferocity that made driving challenging, plans for the following day of the Bugatti Grand Tour America also had to be tailored. A bespoke private lunch at Clarke’s Oyster Bar in Aspen awaited the Bugatti customers, but a private shopping event was first organized at Hermès. As soon as the foreboding dark clouds made way for bluer skies in the afternoon, some of the Bugatti Grand Tour America community took the opportunity to experience the exhilarating nature of their unique hyper sportscars, taking them out to the stunning mountainous Aspen roads.

In one final flourish, the group gathered at the famed Kemo Sabe store in Aspen to help craft their own mountain-chic ‘Western’ hats before transitioning for a celebratory dinner at ‘Catch.’ And with that, a spectacular and epic 608-mile Bugatti experience across the American West was completed. For the Bugatti customers, an unforgettable drive had come to a fitting end.

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