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Auctions America Folded Into RM Sotheby’s

1963 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster crosses the Fort Lauderdale auction block (photo: Jonathan Lay)
1963 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster crosses the Fort Lauderdale auction block (photo: Jonathan Lay)

RM Sotheby’s announced that its Auctions America subsidiary and all of the company’s auction events will be fully integrated into the RM Sotheby’s Group of Companies. Going forward, Auctions America will no longer operate as an independent subsidiary, and all existing Auctions America sales — including Fort Lauderdale, Auburn Spring, Santa Monica, and Auburn Fall — will be held under the RM banner.

Auctions America has been a division of the RM Sotheby’s Group of Companies since RM acquired the Auburn Auction Park in 2010. Under the leadership of auction and collector car veteran Donnie Gould, the Auctions America team grew the Fort Lauderdale event, more than restored Auburn Spring and Fall to their former glory, and established a presence in the Southern California auction market.

This past Labor Day weekend marked the 47th year of the Auburn Fall tradition, one that was reignited by the Auctions America team and which will be continued by RM Sotheby’s. RM Sotheby’s maintains ownership of the 235-acre Auburn Auction Park, which is now another RM Sotheby’s satellite office, similar to the Company’s offices in Los Angeles and London.

“Auctions America has experienced considerable growth and success since our acquisition of the Auburn Auction Park seven years ago, and the full integration of the company’s operations and brand with RM Sotheby’s will allow us to maintain and expand our competitive edge in the marketplace, enhance the quality of our offerings, and channel more resources and focus to continue to drive our growth,” said Kenneth Ahn, President, RM Sotheby’s.

“Many of our clients are already familiar with specialists and support staff for RM Sotheby’s who previous played dual roles, and Donnie Gould, former President of Auctions America, will remain an integral part of the RM Sotheby’s global team of car specialists. In a continuously more competitive market, this integration will allow us to offer the renowned RM experience to more collectors and more cars across all price points and in new geographies. We are looking forward to new growth and success in 2018 with the now unified, stronger RM Sotheby’s team and will be announcing dates for our South Florida sale in the coming weeks.”

RM Sotheby’s Group 2018 Auction Calendar

18-19 January – Arizona
7 February – Paris
10 March – Amelia Island
TBA – South Florida
10-12 May – Auburn Spring
12 May – Monaco
TBA – Santa Monica
24-25 August – Monterey
30 August-2 September – Auburn Fall
TBA – London
11-12 October – Hershey

Additional information on upcoming RM Sotheby’s events is available at

[Source: RM Sotheby’s]