The Legend with his Race Cars - Stirling Moss with a a selection of his finest race cars at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance 2015
The Legend with his Race Cars - Stirling Moss with a a selection of his finest race cars at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance 2015

Amelia Island Concours 2015 – Report and Photos

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2015 – Main Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture)

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[Source: Sports Car Digest]

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  1. What a great collection and variety of cars! I sure wish I could go to this event. Also the photos are some of the best ever done of the static display. Really enjoyable.

  2. Very poor photo coverage – just like it was in the past with the car magazines. A fixation with Ferrari, who has not won anything significant in Formula 1 or sports car racing in a long, long time. It is too bad as the Concours was great, with a broad representation of makes and non-production groups of cars. I gather that Sports Car Digest, for the most part, prefers to focus on past glories instead of the present/future growth of interest in the sports car category.

    1. Well said Tim. You guys are the exact opposite of poor photo coverage. This guy is obviously doesn’t know SCD well, nor did he apparently even look at the pictures on page 1.

  3. Fantastic photo’s!! For those that are curious, there was also a featured class of 15 significant motorcycles that have competed at the Daytona Raceway. As always, Bill Warner and his team assembles a terrific group of vehicles to appeal to all interests…..thank you for your coverage!!

  4. Very nice pictures. In fact, your 1952 Ferrari 375 Indianapolis picture represents a 1954 625 4 cylinder F1 bitza.
    The real 1952 Indianapolis V.12 375 -ex-1950 F1- was the beautiful light blue, “Howard Keck Special” also on the lawn.

  5. Thank you for wonderful photos, mainly of an era gone by, but great for a 79 year old.

  6. WOW! Be still my beating heart. I just changed my bucket list from Festival of Speed to Amelia Island.
    Incredible photos -congratulations.

  7. I actually saw in person the Mille Miglia winning 300SLR and Stirling Moss, when he started it up next to me, I had to ask is this happening?

  8. This was my 1st Amelia event and while very crowded it is one I will attend again. Spectacular pictures but my favorite award winning Triumph Italia is missing from the lineup!

  9. Images of the (important) motorcycles that were displayed please ? This seems to be missing year over year.

  10. Great show. Friendly people, excellent show of cars from past and present. Amelia Island great place to have car show. Sorry grounds keeper.

  11. Jamie,
    Wonderful photos but why no line of credit to the great photographer at this event ? Am guessing it is Tim Scott but no credit ? Jeez !

      1. ALL photographers SCD uses are outstanding professionals who do great work, and fans like me are very grateful for them.

      2. ALL of the photographers SCD uses are outstanding professionals who do great work for which I am very grateful…thank you all.

  12. The current preservationist, patina-obsessed trend seems not to have touched the owners of any of these historic competition cars. They all look great. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  13. I too think the photos are excellent. I wonder if John Sloane believes you should photograph just the cars after shooing away the people, but what sort of show would it be without the public?

    1. If you don’t get the photos early, it’s all over once the herd comes over the hill – some 30,000+ this year.

  14. Wonderful photo coverage of a premier event, with one exception: no coverage of the Forgotten Fiberglass class, except for an unidentified photo of a LaDawri Daytona. We were there, too!

  15. Yes very saad that there are no forgotten Fiberglass Pictures I hoped to find one or the other.
    Unfortunately I live in EUrope and it is hard to travel just for such an event some more exotics would be nice…. and all where is Ferarri Porsche Maserati and so on is not exotic (enough).