1975 BMW 3.5 CSL Alexander Calder Art Car
1975 BMW 3.5 CSL Alexander Calder Art Car

Amelia Island Concours 2014 – Report and Photos

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2014 – Main Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture and description)

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  1. Great report and photos. Looks like the entire SCD staff was out there Sunday morning taking photos in order to get this story online the same day as the Concours.

  2. Huge thanks to Sports Car Digest for putting together such a great selection of images. Couldn’t make it this year, so I was thrilled that you brought it to my laptop.

  3. Is it me or is Amelia now considered the best concours? The diversity (and quality) of cars on this year’s show field are unmatched by Pebble, in my book at least.

  4. Always a couple that require extra looks- this time the green Porsche and the black Ferrari with frosted glass- frame worthy!!

  5. Would’ve loved to have seen pics of the first two Shelby GT350’s. It was their first outing since total restoration and super-human effort was made to get them ready in time.

  6. Your photo coverage of Amelia was just outstanding. Really tough as there were so many people! This has become the premier event of it’s kind as it really is a “people’s event” The whole concept of adding Cars ‘n Coffee for free on Saturday was so like Bill Warner. “way ahead of the pack and for the people! Bravo. Peter Brock

    1. The Cars n’ Coffee on Saturday was a blast! So many good looking cars out on the golf course. Can’t wait for next year…..

  7. Whaooooo !! Huge thanks to Sports Car Digest for giving up us such a great selection of our most loved cars images.
    I´ve been sighing for more than 60 minutes.

  8. Bill Warner and the entire staff and volunteers did another fantastic job. Never attended Pebble Beach, but after many years at Amelia, I don’t feel the need to go. Outstanding seminars, fabulous cars and the chance to renew many old friendships. Bravo!!

  9. Amelia HAS to be on every car enthusiast bucket list. There is just no down side to this most excellent event. Some concours display an undercurrent of elitism, Amelia is truly the peoples concours. Sincere thanks to Mr. Warner and volunteers. Capitol job.

  10. My wife and I were at the 2010, Concourse and were impressed with the Griffith 400 owned by a Mr, Sheldon who owned a Ferrari dealership. The rear of the Series 400 and the front are just beatiful! There were two Series 200 and one Series 600 (a totally different automobile-no 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds). I went through all of the pictures and did not see one Griffith at this years Amelia Island Concourse D’ Elegance. We flew from California to see Jack Griffith and his American superfast sportscars, and also met Jacks’ family.

    Were none entered? Is Jack Andrew Griffith alive? He was one of the founders of the event. When I see his cars driven by the McInerney;Shipman, Hagel,etc. he most certainly build an automobile capable of beating just about anything in the old 60’s, A Production, classes. Take a look at the 2013 Oldtimers Gran Prix and see Sean or Michael McInerney come from the back of the pack to almost win the race. Maybe if there hadn’t been so many cars blocking for the lightweight Jaguar, and there were tons of Jaguars especially in the beginning, the Griffith 400 would have won the race. Take a look.