Lancia LC2
Lancia LC2 driven by Zak Brown - Copyright Bill Wagenblatt

2021 Velocity Invitational Day 3 Update

It’s almost too good to be true; high 70s and blue skies on the Monterey Peninsula in mid-November?  Oh…and then there are a few other tidbits like the sounds of McLaren F1 cars emitting shrills like the skies are being ripped apart.

For some, it’s a weekend of tasting wine and enjoying some lobster-infused “Mac & cheese” in the paddock. For others, it’s actually getting to drive multi-million-dollar vehicles on one of North America’s most famous road courses. But for the “rest of us”, it’s simply an overwhelming experience of enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of cars that remind us of cherished eras long victim to overly regulated designs and financially restricted performance.

So far, event organizer Jeff O’Neill’s second go at creating the ultimate in vintage racing experiences is certainly being viewed as successful, so let’s see what the finale tomorrow has to offer.