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Unique Pre-Prototype Porsche 959 Features in the Brumos Collection

Porsche 959

The “Porsche 959 Project” is the latest installment from the Brumos Collection ‘Inside 59’ video series. The video brings viewers into the facility’s shop while the Brumos team conducts extensive maintenance and testing on the iconic 1985 “V6” pre-prototype Porsche 959 before taking the treasured sports car out for some “exercise.”

Pre-Prototype Porsche 959
front of Pre-Prototype Porsche 959

The remarkably rare pre-prototype 1985 Porsche 959 was gifted by Dr. Wolfgang Porsche to 959 Project Chief Engineer Helmuth Bott.  

“It’s such a special experience seeing a rare pre-prototype like Helmuth Bott’s 959 on the open road and hearing the truly distinctive roar of its engine.”

Brumos Collection Executive Director, Brandon Starks.
back of Pre-Prototype Porsche 959

Recognized as “the car that saved the 911 from extinction,” the 959 was envisioned as an advanced competition racer with innovative technology to be incorporated into street-legal driving.  

Commissioned as a special project by then-Chairman Peter Schutz and produced under the direction of Bott, the twin-turbocharged 959 received international praise at that time as the most technologically advanced road-going sports car ever to be created. 

interior of car

Collection Manager Don Leatherwood shows “Inside The 59” watchers how his team meticulously cleans and maintains “V6,” one of only six “Vorserienwagen” 959 prototypes created for extended road tests.  This is followed by the shop’s dynamometer running the iconic 959 through its high-performance paces. 

“When we run this car on a dyno, we’re able to simulate wind resistance or drag, as well as the force and friction of the wheels on the road. The result is an accurate account of the torque and horsepower that this remarkable vehicle is able to achieve.”

Don Leatherwood

As compelling as that dyno testing is, nothing can substitute the experience of truly “exercising” this legendary Porsche, which Leatherwood does with a lively drive through the picturesque country roads near the Brumos Collection’s Jacksonville, Florida home. 

engine of Pre-Prototype Porsche 959

The Brumos Collection is currently open with further details of opening hours found on their website.

[Source: Brumos Collection]