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State-of-the-art automobile storage

Ceres 001 Founders Edition provides display, protection and transport security

Cartainers, a pioneering force in state-of-the-art automotive display and storage solutions, is launching a limited production series of exclusive containers made for fine collectible and exotic automobiles. Created as a no-compromise solution for car collectors, the new Ceres 001 Founders Edition design from Cartainers presents an incredible way of displaying a fine automobile in the home or garage in an automotive container system that simultaneously protects, stores, and is conveniently able to transported and tracked at all times.

Limited to 50 units

The new Cartainers Ceres 001 Founders Edition blends a sleek, contemporary aesthetic with innovative new technology, including top-tier security features within a display reminiscent of an automotive jewelry box. Set to debut this year at Art Basel, the new Ceres 001 Founders Edition is limited to 50 units and priced at $60,000. Cartainers is launching the new Founders Edition design as many luxury car enthusiasts, dealerships, and trucking companies search for a secure, elegant, and versatile solution for displaying, safely storing, and transporting high-end luxury vehicles. Cartainers is introducing the Founders Edition as the perfect solution with the new system serving as an elegant display case, garage, and global transport unit all rolled into one brilliant design.


  • Lighting options
  • GPS tracking
  • Fully motorized sliding door system
  • Electric Actuated Ramp Door
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Climate Control
  • 4G Cellular Capability
  • Ventilation System
  • Integrated Security Cameras
  • Polycarbonate Doors + Windows (10mm thick)
  • Choice of 13 Color Options
  • Choice of 11 Swisstrax/Ribtrax PRO Tile Standard Flooring colors


“At Cartainers, our passion for cars extends to how they are displayed, stored, and protected. Our goal with our new Ceres 001 Founders Edition design is to provide an incredible jewel box showcase made for fine automobiles that is just as brilliant as the car inside on display,” comments Sarah Blasi, President of Cartainers. “The best part about each new Ceres 001 Founders Edition container is that the system offers no compromises,” continues Zach Jenkins, Co-Founder of Cartainers. “Collectors are able to enjoy a stunning, perfectly lit display system for cars that can be set up in the home, garage, or office. They also have an advanced container system that is ready to safely transport their car anywhere in the world with state-of-the-art technology including temperature controls, lighting, and tracking features for security and protection.”

Weighing in at just under 5,000 pounds, the new Founders Edition is developed from a blend of high-grade steel, polycarbonate, and aluminum materials with limited-edition lighting, flooring and chassis color options each presenting a distinctive visual style. It features a 20-foot shipping chassis that seamlessly integrates E-tracks within the wheel straps, making it fully suitable for global transportation by plane, ship, train, or truck. This first-of-its-kind container is also monitored by a smart control system, accessible via Cartainers’ Smart Control iPhone App, which comes with sensors for the real-time monitoring of cargo conditions, location, and all pertinent security information. The smart control system manages the following functions: lighting, a fully motorized sliding door system, a low-profile actuated ramp door, ventilation system, integrated security cameras, GPS tracking, environmental sensors, and facial recognition access.


The Cartainer’s power supply not only supports all of its functions but also includes additional battery backup for transportation and off-grid use. The Founders Edition can sustain GPS and security features for up to 72 hours before needing a recharge. It also features an advanced motorized sliding door system, enabling vehicles to effortlessly enter without the need for manual operation. Doors and windows are created from sturdy 10mm thick polycarbonate material that is shatter-resistant, transparent, UV-resistant, heat-resistant, and lightweight. It also includes GPS tracking and integrated security cameras, offering both location monitoring for added peace of mind during transport and theft protection with video playback capabilities.

The Cartainer climate control system oversees a network of environmental, ventilation, and climate settings. The environmental sensors provide insights into the container’s internal climate, particularly when exposed to outdoor conditions, including temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. Meanwhile, the ventilation system maintains optimal air circulation to prevent mold and mildew and reduces the impact of temperature fluctuations that contribute to corrosion and rust.  The control of climate parameters, such as air conditioning and heat via mini-split systems, plays a vital role in preventing the damaging greenhouse effect when cars are stored outdoors in hot or sun-soaked environments.

Now available

After much anticipation, Cartainers is poised to host its exclusive unveiling event in partnership with artist Jack Butcher, known for his projects ‘Visualize Value’, ‘Checks’, and most recently, the Oracle Red Bull Racing ‘Velocity Series’. This collaboration will debut the all-new Ceres 001 Founders Edition at Miami’s Art Basel weekend. The Ceres 001 Founders Edition is now available for $60,000 for pre-orders.

For additional details, please visit or reach out to (251) 227-8246 for all order inquiries.