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The Nationales Auto Museum in Germany

The Loh Collection

Dominic Fraser

A genuine display of vehicle craftsmanship and ingenuity, The Nationales Auto Museum: The Loh Collection, showcases an assemblage of approximately 150 automobiles that chronicle 135 years of motoring heritage. The museum boasts artifacts from over 50 distinguished marques, a testament to the motoring rarities and the ubiquitous cultural symbols that proliferated by the millions.

This collection contextualizes pivotal automobiles within the tapestry of time, elucidating the narratives of the innovators and aesthetes, the esteemed proprietors, and the intrepid racers. It is a compendium of the tales that underpin the annals of automotive history.

Permanent Exhibition

An array of over 150 artifacts, each accompanied by a riveting tale, is thoughtfully curated and elegantly displayed against the backdrop of a creatively reimagined historical edifice. The National Auto Museum meticulously orchestrates a retrospective of the automobile’s journey, celebrating its multifaceted nature—the exemplary, the infamous, and the eccentric. Distinct thematic sections have been meticulously delineated to exhibit venerable classics, elucidate monumental flops, and to differentiate between innovations that captured the zeitgeist and those relegated to obscurity. The museum’s amenities include a cinema, an engine hall, a technical conservatory, and a rotation of special exhibitions that infuse the establishment with an enduring vitality. It is a haven of enlightenment, a source of inspiration for automobile aficionados, and a place of amusement for families.

 Dominic Fraser

Special Exhibition

100 years 24h Le Mans – the myth, the heroes, the cars” is a special exhibition that chronicles the riveting evolution of the world-renowned endurance race. With a collection of over 20 original Le Mans racers dating from 1928 to today, the exhibit is a premier presentation of vehicles never before assembled. Makes include Jaguar, Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley and many more.


The Capitol, resonant with Art Deco elegance, offers a luxurious enclave for approximately 50 guests. Fusing classic seating with an authentic projector within a repurposed industrial hall, it provides an immersive cinematic experience.


Indulge in the culinary excellence of the New York New York restaurant. The dining space, adorned with the finesse and palette of Art Deco inspiration, mirrors the museum’s eclectic array. Patrons may feast their eyes on select exhibits through expansive panes of glass. For those desiring exclusivity, the VIP area awaits, offering panoramic vistas of the collection’s most elusive pieces. Culinary experiences are complemented by a handpicked selection of fine wines, artisanal coffees, and premium spirits, perfect for crafting unforgettable moments.

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