Trio of Porsche 917 racers at Rennsport Reunion
Trio of Gulf Porsche 917 racers at Rennsport Reunion

Porsche Rennsport Reunion V 2015 – Report and Photos

Porsche Rennsport Reunion V 2015 – Main Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture and description)

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Porsche Porsche Rennsport Reunion V 2015 – Race Results

Race Group 1: PCA Sholar-Friedman Cup
1. Alan Friedman, No. 23 1973 911 RSR

Race Group 2: Gmund Cup
1. Cameron Healy, 1953 Porsche Cooper Pooper

Race Group 3: Eifel Trophy
1. Alan Terpins, 1968 Porsche 911 T/R

Race Group 4: Weissach Cup
1. Bruce Canepa, 1969 Porsche 917K

Race Group 5: Carrera Trophy
1. Charles Nearburg, 1980 Porsche 935 K3

Race Group 6: Stuttgart Cup
1. Jeroen Bleekemolen, 2006 Porsche RS Spyder

Race Group 7: IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge
1. Elliott Skeer, 2015 Porsche 991

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[Source: Porsche NA; photos: Dennis Gray]

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  1. The number 98 IROC 3.0 RSR shown in photos 159 and 161 was listed as driven by Ed Palmer, but the car was driven all weekend by Dempsey Racing and Porsche Motorsport Le Mans podium-finisher Marco Seefried, in his first vintage race ever. Putting on a real professional performance, Marco went from 39th to 9th place in the Carrera Trophy race before a fuel problem forced him to drop out on the penultimate lap. Ed Palmer did get to race his freshly-restored ex-Daytona winning 964 Cup car in the Stuttgart Cup race. Terrific images of an amazing weekend.

  2. Can you help me in late 1969 or early 1970 a Belfast based Factory owner and race driver purchased a PORSCHE 910 it was a Flat 6.
    he died in about 1985 (Cancer) I sat in my dads Type 102 Alfa 2000 and saw the 910 race in Dublin.
    The owners name was Joh L’Amie I understand the car is in the USA can any one tell me more. He and Brian Nelson and or Tommy Reid raced it in Europe.
    Then he raced once a year in Dublin I last saw it in 1976. I LOVE THAT CAR Help please

  3. A Dennis Gray photographic seminar where Proper Porsche technique is offered – great stuff. Where were the 956s and 962s? Were they there – saw one, were there more?

  4. does any one know what happened to the RSK Mickey Mouse porsche ?? was built for le mans and raced by the camerada USA team

  5. My dear Anonymous:
    The official Laguna Seca Porsche entry list shows the 1978 Porsche 935 number 00 as being driven by Tom Haaker. However the official results furnished sometime after the event list Tom Haaker in a 1978 Porsche 935 #0 and Leh Keen in a 1980 Porsche 935 #00. Sorry for any confusion.