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New Range Of EV Powertrain Kits From Electrogenic

Electrogenic Jaguar E-Type Drop-In Kit

Electrogenic, the British EV Technology company renowned for their leading classic EV car conversions have released more information about their newly expanded range of ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kits, which will help future-proof the most loved automotive icons in the world.

Oxford, the recently expanded ‘Powered by Electrogenic’ branch of Electrogenic in the UK, have announced an easy-to-install EV conversion technology kits for the Jaguar E-Type, the classic Porsche 911, and the Land Rover Defender.

Developed and engineered in the UK, the drop-in kits will be offered globally through an international network of exclusive installation partners. These partners will ensure to provide sustainable, silent, and reliable electric motoring to a wider audience that has never been reached before.

Electrogenic electric Land Rover Defender conversion
Electrogenic Jaguar E-Type Drop-In Kit
Electrogenic Porsche 911 Drop-In Kit

Innovative EV Powertrain Technology

The drop-in showcases the sector-leading, proprietary EV technology from Electrogenic, this tech has underpinned the rapid rise and sustained growth of the company in recent years. They will be offered with the world-leading, bespoke EV conversions from Electrogenic.

Automobiles powered by Electrogenic drop-in kits can be assured of their quality and depth of engineering as they were developed in-house by an expert research and development team made up of automotive engineers, electrical experts, and programmers and were managed by former Arrival Head of Engineering, Francis Prime.

The wider range of drop-in kits shows Electrogenic’s approach of developing and manufacturing its own technology. This includes in-house designed software, digital dashboards, printed circuit boards (PCBs), vehicle charging technology, and bespoke Battery Management Systems. Even the driver interface was given attention and was equipped with sport, eco, and traffic modes. The Defender has an added regen-based hill-descent control function.

Highly innovative mechanical componentry was also used in the drop-in kits. It includes a unique system to produce high-density battery packs and exceptionally compact in-line and transverse reduction gearboxes that are all manufactured in the UK. These cleverly packaged units makes sure that the existing structure and architecture of the vehicles are preserved for each of the ‘drop-in’ variants. Using this approach, they also ensure that all Electrogenic conversions are completely reversible.

Electrogenic co-founder and director Steve Drummond shared, “We’re delighted to announce the expansion of our sector-leading ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kits, marking the next chapter in the development of our rapidly growing Powered by Electrogenic business.

“Powered by Electrogenic EV conversion kits, devised by our expert team in the UK, deliver our world-class EV conversion technology – defined by exhaustive development and real depth of engineering – all in an easy to install package.”

“Our range of drop-in kits will sympathetically inject these much-loved cars with cutting-edge EV drivetrain technology, delivering exceptional drivability, performance and efficiency – future proofing these iconic machines and readying them for the fast-approaching age of sustainable, low-carbon motoring.”

“The kits will be offered globally via our exclusive international network of installation partners, enabling us to reach a wider audience than ever before – scaling our business to meet the surging global demand that exists for EV conversion technology.”

Electrogenic electric Land Rover Defender conversion
Electrogenic electric Land Rover Defender conversion
Electrogenic electric Land Rover Defender conversion
Electrogenic electric Land Rover Defender conversion

Land Rover Defender

Powered by Electrogenics drop-in kits have an expanded range of road-optimized Land Rover Defender EV conversion packages. These packages are available for all pre-2016 Defender 90, 110, and 127 models.

The new variants are similar to the Agricultural Defender drop-in kit which was revealed early in the year. It was developed with Innovate UK and extensively tested as part of the working fleet on Worthy Farm, home of the Glastonbury Festival.

The expanded Defender EV conversion range will have three different variants that are each tailored to answer to different customer needs. All three variants have transformed drivability and performance that is great for both on and off-road driving. Entry level conversion range starts with the E62 kit, which has a 62 kWh battery that supplies a 120 kW water-cooled motor. It has a real-world range of 120 miles in mixed driving, and it has more in urban or off-road use.

Other packages offered are the E70 and the E93, which has a battery capacity of 70 kWh and 93 kWh respectively. Both packages have a 150 kW motor and it offers immediate, muscular acceleration that can reach above motorway speeds; raising the performance of the Defender to a completely new level. In real-world driving conditions, the E70 and E93 converted Defenders can deliver 130 miles and 150 miles of range respectively.

All Defender conversion kits use a fixed-ratio transmission, keeping its permanent four-wheel drive, as well as high and low range gear select that is used for exceptional off-road drivability. With ample torque instantly available, all Defender variants are able to easily ascend, even when towing a heavy trailer.

Batteries are placed under the bonnet and the boot floor, while also making sure that interior and luggage space are not compromised. Proprietary drivetrain technology is carefully integrated in the existing architecture of the vehicle so that modifications will not be required.

Electrogenic Jaguar E-Type Drop-In Kit
Electrogenic Jaguar E-Type Drop-In Kit
Electrogenic Jaguar E-Type Drop-In Kit

Jaguar E-Type

The most innovative drop-in kits were developed by Powered by Electrogenics to bring another British automotive icon to the modern era. It is considered to be the most beautiful car of all time: the Jaguar E-Type.

To cater to a variety of customer needs, there are again a number of different options available and it is compatible with both the E-Type coupes and convertibles. The entry level kit is the E43 kit which has a 43 kWh battery and a 120 kW water-cooled motor with a real-world range of 150 miles, which are all neatly designed to fit in the existing structure of the E-Type. Those who prefer the touring range can get the E62r kit. It has a larger 62 kWh battery that feeds a 120 kW moto, which has a range of more than 200 miles.

There is also a high-performance E-Type EV conversion kit that Powered by Electrogenics has developed: the E48s variant. It has a 48 kWh battery matched to a high-output 150 kW motor so it can deliver a modern sports car performance. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds and it has a real-world range of more than 160 miles.

Powered by Electrogenic EV conversion kits give the E-Type the drivability, reliability, and effortless performance to match its looks. They are also carefully designed so that it can be easily and completely reversed.

Electrogenic Porsche 911 Drop-In Kit
Electrogenic Porsche 911 Drop-In Kit

Porsche 911

An EV conversion drop in kit was also developed by Powered by Electrogenics for what is arguably the most iconic sports car of all, the Porsche 911. These practical machines are given a new lease of life through the exhaustively engineered and tested packages that bring together sensational, clean performance with excellent everyday usability and reliability.

There are two variants of the 911 drop-in kit on offer and they are compatible with the G-body and the 964 911s: the E62 and its high-performance version, the E62s. Both drop-in kits have 62 kWh batteries that are placed low in the car, where the fuel tank in the engine bay used to be located. The placement helps improve the weight distribution compared to a standard car. Both versions are able to deliver a range of more than 200 miles in real world driving conditions.

The sporting E62 package has a 160 kW motor that allows it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds, which is not too different from the modern 911. For those who are after a more thrilling package, there is the E62s kits which has an even more powerful 240 kW motor which provides the classic 911 the performance which is at par with modern supercars. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds, and the relentless acceleration is sustained into triple digit speeds.

All Powered by Electrogenics drop-in kits have single speed, fixed ratio transmissions.

All variants are also capable of up to 6.6 kW AC charging, and it is also capable of rapid CCS charging for additional convenience. A full charge through the CCS takes around 50 minutes for a 62 kWh battery, while it takes 75 minutes to charge a 93 kWh battery.

Additional details on the global network of installation partners of Electrogenics will be announced in the coming weeks and months.