Inspiration 911 Sculpture at Porscheplatz
Inspiration 911 Sculpture at Porscheplatz

Inspiration 911 Sculpture at Porscheplatz

The heart of Porsche beats in Zuffenhausen, Germany. It was here in 1963 that the first 911 rolled off the assembly line. It is the essence of the Porsche marque.

Taking inspiration from this heritage, the British artist Gerry Judah created a sculpture consisting of three pillars up to the height of 78 feet, each crowned with a Porsche 911 mounted at the top. The vehicles hail from different 911 generations as a tribute to the history of the classic. The sculpture on Porscheplatz in front of the Porsche Museum will become the new centerpiece for visitors from all over the world.

The sculpture entitled “Inspiration 911” includes vehicles that are also components of the art piece — an F-series from 1970, a G-series from 1981 as well as the latest generation 911.

[Source: Porsche AG]

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  1. Very nice! I’d love to go see this and tour the factory. This sculpture brings to mind an older (and simpler) roadside landmark on US I-35 just a few miles south of the Twin Cities where some early fighter jets have been mounted as if they were shooting towards the skies.

  2. Bob, the Porsche Museum is well worth a visit if you are a motoring enthusiast, but especially if you are a Porsche fan. The history is so well documented and presented.