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Garage Profile – Richard Griot

The ubiquitous Griot’s Garage mail order catalog sells everything a car guy needs for their garage, from power tools to floor paints and car waxes. While the prices are not inexpensive, the must-have marketing pitch and quality products has lured many a buyer into transforming their boring garage into something special.

While placing our latest Griot’s order, Sports Car Digest wondered if founder Richard Griot is a car guy living out his dream or simply a marketing genius. A peek into his personal garage certainly suggests that he is both.

Griot’s Garage hosted its first ever private “Garage Tour” of Richard Griot’s home garage in May. A lucky group of 50 attendees met at the Griot’s Garage store in Tacoma, Washington, and then shuttled to Richard’s home to visit his garage.

Griot’s vintage race cars were on display, including a Lola Can Am and McLaren F1. A restored BMW 2002 and Camaro RS sat in the driveway, and a 1996 Porsche 4S was available for visitors to experience Griot’s Garage Random Orbital. The current project car on display was a Mustang GT about to receive a super charger. Sure looks like a car guy to SCD.

Richard Griot’s Garage – Photo Gallery