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Gallery Highlights from the 2022 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion

Over the last few weeks, I have assembled a gallery of images from the 2022 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. Images incorporating a visible driver’s face, a three-wheeling Porsche or Camaro, light with character, and even a foggy day helped me to pick this group. Many closed-car images were shot in corners with the sun side lighting the driver. Look closely, and you can see them in the car. In other photos, the driver’s eyes are visible inside his face shield, or not at all if the visor or sunglasses are too dark. Nothing is better for exposing a driver’s face than a foggy day. 

My shooting style is to pick a corner and “set up shop.” I often spend a morning at a turn waiting to capture “That” image. Other photographers come and go. I hang out until the light falters around 11 AM. The reason for staying at one location is that I’ll eventually capture several nice images combined with a few even better ones. Starting around 3 PM, I will be at another turn for the afternoon. Again, I capture images as the sun lowers, shadows grow, and the photos start to gain character.

Sunday’s Hill Climb was unique in my experience. I had no idea what the line would be through the turns as the cars went up the hill: good fun. In the description of each image, I have included the focal length in MM, the f-stop, and the shutter speed for those of you with interest in the “How.” 

I hope you enjoy this collection. Be sure to get in touch with any questions or corrections. Comments and inquiries are welcome at [email protected].

2022 RMMR Gallery Highlights