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Fiat 1100 S Wins at Ennstal Classic

Fiat 1100 S - Ennstal Classic 2017
Fiat 1100 S - Ennstal Classic 2017

A Fiat 1100 S was named Best of Show at Ennstal Classic 2017, which took place in Gröbming, Austria from July 18 to 22. The car was named the most representative of the event that this year brought together over 200 registered crews from 17 countries.

Picked from the FCA Heritage collection, the winning Fiat 1100 S also took part in the first Ennstal Classic and is returning after 25 years to pay homage to the jubilee edition of the event. The title was awarded by the organising committee, chaired by event owner Helmut Zwickl, who gave the trophy to Rudi Roubinek, the Austrian TV actor and writer who had driven the car during the three days of the competition.

Launched on the market in 1947, the 1100 S sports berlinetta was the direct evolution of the pre-war 508 C MM. On the outside, its body was adapted to create an aerodynamic two-seater with a modified vertical blade grille and two additional air scoops under the headlights. The main innovation, however, was in the performance it was capable of achieving: 51 HP at 5200 rpm with a top speed of 150 km/h.

Fast and modern, the new car was successful on the race track and turned out perfect for the Mille Miglia: four 1100 S cars ended the race in 1947 in fifth, sixth, seventh and ninth place in the general ranking. The following year, the car took the third place in the general ranking and in 1949 it won the race in its category. The 1100 S remained in production until 1950 and 401 units were made in total.

[Source: FCA Heritage]