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Ferris Bueller House For Sale

House from the movie Ferris BuellerOne of the seminal scenes in the movie Ferris Bueller was when Ferris’ friend Cameron kicked his Dad’s Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder off the jack stand, thereby sending it crashing out the garage into the woods far below. If you haven’t seen the movie, we won’t go into the significance of the scene. However, rest assured that if you were like us, you cringed at the destruction and prayed the Ferrari was a replica (it was).

That 3-car garage and house where the scene took place – known as the Ben Rose Home and located in Highland Park, Illinois – is currently on offer from Sotheby’s Realty for $2,300,000.

To read more about this unique house and the movie, visit Bring a Trailer’s story about the same.

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