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Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo Debuts at Snetterton

Ferrari Challenge 488 Evo

The final race weekend of the Ferrari Challenge UK 2020 at Snetterton saw the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo make its UK debut. 

The Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo was brought to the circuit to be tested by current Ferrari Challenge UK drivers and even prospective clients. Three new Evo models were on the track for more than six hours during the event, giving the drivers a feel of the car leading up to the upcoming Ferrari Challenge UK 2021 season.

The Evo kit improves the overall performance of the car and its consistency in race conditions. It also offers better handling for improved feedback and driving pleasure. 

Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo
Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo
Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo side profile

The Evo package aims to boost the synergy between the aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics, meaning the interplay between the balance of downforce, electronic controls, and tires.

The higher downforce and the new Pirelli tires improve performance while driving feedback was sorted from the initial stages of development using Ferrari’s GT driving simulator, improving the aero balance between the axles. The downforce over the front was increased to enhance turn-in and lessen the understeer out of corners. 

number 2 evo car
rear of Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo

The 488 Challenge Evo is ushering in a first in Ferrari’s one-make series, where drivers are given the choice to modify the front downforce separately from the rear, giving the driver the ability to set the balance without changing the ride height.

The driver can create a variety of configurations ranging from high downforce to low downforce ahead of each race, depending on the weather conditions and the features of the circuit. These improvements provide an additional 20% in downforce over the front axle when comparing it to the 488 Challenge.

The Ferrari Challenge UK 2021 season will have the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo as the standard car. The Series calendar will be published at the Ferrari Finale Mondiali at Misano in November. 

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