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A Supermodel’s Supercar, 1969 Lamborghini Miura – Twiggy’s ’69 Miura S

1969 Lamborghini Miura. Photo: James Nicholls

 The history of Automobili Lamborghini is one that almost parallels the success of post-World War II Italy itself, and is synonymous with the word “Supercar.”

The founder of the company, Ferruccio Lamborghini, was born in 1916 in Northern Italy, and as a young man studied engineering. Following World War II Lamborghini set up a successful tractor-making business that provided him a considerable fortune. While from a relatively poor rural childhood, Lamborghini’s achievements coincided with the industrial development of the north of Italy in the 1950s. His tractors proved to be successful as did Lamborghini himself.

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