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2021 Radwood at Greenwich

2021 Radwood at Greenwich

Radwood started out in the Bay Area back in 2017, and it’s emerged as a big force in car culture, hosting shows around the country and even in the U.K. at its quasi-namesake, Goodwood. The show celebrates all that was great about 80’s and 90’s cars and does so with a good sense of humor. Everyone dresses up, but no one takes things too seriously. RADwood is a celebration of the 80’s and 90’s lifestyle, blending period correct dress with automotive awesomeness. An event for cars, trucks, and bikes from 1980-1999 that captures the essence of a bodacious era.

The cars included a slammed Alfa Romeo to Mercedes Benz with Cosworth power and a very nice Acura NSX. Only a few were dressed as if the 80’s were still happening and next year promises to be bigger and better.

One show attendee grumped to me “that this is not a Concours” “it’s cars on the Greenwich tradition of American cars on Saturday”.

Well, things change, and if this catches on, could be a lot of fun at future events.

2021 Radwood at Greenwich Photo Gallery