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Vintage Alfa Romeo Racing Video

Alfa Romeo GTV at VIRFor fans of the Alfa Romeo Type 105 series, the following video is a must see. And as unequivocal fans of the gritty little Alfa, we would also recommend this six minute slice of nirvana to all classic car nuts.

This is not a little amateur production, as there are multiple camera angles, lead and follow cameras and, to top it off, more than one racing Alfa.

The video starts with driver Katsuya Morita revving the throaty twin-cam four cylinder engine of an Alfa Romeo GTA Junior race car, then blasting up a mountain road. Better still, at the 3:30 minute mark, a racing Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV shows up, followed by an Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior at 4:55. The video culminates with all three burning up the mountain pass.

Enjoy the video.

[Source: YouTube]