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Moore’s Alfa Romeo 8C 2900A, on display at the Bagatelle, in 1989. Moore discovered the car as a rolling chassis.
Simon Moore
Simon Moore

Although consisting of only two books, the body of work credited to Simon Moore is both enormous and highly significant. Moore is the author of The Immortal 2.9, the definitive book about the 1935-’39 Alfa Romeo 8C2900, and the three volume set, The Legendary 2.3, which covers the 1931-34 Alfa Romeo 8C2300 model, including the Monza Grand Prix car in two volumes. Both books will stand for years as the last word on the subject. A second completely revised edition of  The Immortal 2.9  was published five years ago, which Moore says, “…corrected mistakes and added a lot of new information and photographs including a new section on all the sports cars with V12 engines madebefore the war, both twin overhead cam and single.”

Moore is an archeologist, an explorer blessed or cursed with the same kind of obsession that drove his British counterparts to search for the source of the Nile, the North and South poles and King Tut’s tomb. For most of his adult life he has traveled the world searching for information that will shed light on the history of all 43 Alfa 2.9s presumably constructed between 1936 and 1939 (not to mention the other Jano-designed Alfas as well). But it is his ability as a detective that allows Moore to uncover the mysteries of the ancient Alfa Romeos.

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