Monterey Pre-Historics Now Open to Public

The Monterey Pre-Historics has long been the insider’s choice as a great way to enjoy the vintage racing action at Laguna Seca without having to fight the crowds.

Held the weekend prior to the much larger Monterey Historics, the Pre-Historics has traditionally been closed to the public, allowing “in the know” spectators to enjoy a relaxed paddock environment, while drivers welcomed the opportunity to ease into the track without thousands scrutinizing every downshift.

The cat is out of the bag in 2010, as Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca said that the Pre-Reunion – new name – will now be open to spectators when it take place August 7- 8, 2010. (Click for name change info).

“I am pleased that we are able to invite the fans to the Pre-Reunion,” explained Gill Campbell, CEO/general manager for Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. “They have been asking us to make the Pre-Reunion a spectator event and it will be a great way to kick-off the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion week.”

Ticket-holders for the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion will be admitted to the Pre-Reunion for $15 per day, if they show their ticket at the gate. For fans who want to come to the Pre-Reunion without a ticket for the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, the ticket price will be $50 per day. Tickets for the Pre-Reunion will only be available for purchase at the gate and it includes complimentary parking.

“Our fans have been asking us to increase the vintage racing experience which they have been enjoying for almost four decades here at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca,” said Barry Toepke, vice president of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. “Opening the paddock for the Pre-Reunion and giving the fans access to the world’s finest pre- and post-war race cars is just one more example of enhancing the spectator’s enjoyment.”

For more information, visit or call 800-327-7322.

[Source: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca]

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  1. Gee, I always went to the Pre-Historics for free. I never realized I was an “insider”.
    Now as a member of the “public” I get to pay $50?
    It was always free and public.
    Still a great event but I’m sure that with the admission the crowds will show up and it will be no different than the following weekend.

  2. My gosh, charging that much for the Pre Historics, ridiculous! What a great way to discourage the die hard fans to attend. I’ve attended for many years, and it was a great secret, too bad greed wins again.

  3. Just wait until the Monterey Hotels find out about this. Hotel bills will double and triple over the next few years. I have a nice clean non smoking, king size bed on Freemonnt Street for Fri. $90.00, Sat. $120.00 the next weekend for the Historics those cost double. I’ll bet by 2011 the Pre-Historics will be right up there with the Historics (or what ever they call them).
    All things change, the last few years being a Monterey “insider”was an experience I am glad I had. That low key ambiance will quickly be a thing of the past, too bad.

  4. Bring back Steve Earle!

    $50 to attend the Pre-Historics is very unreasonable. I attended for the first time last year, and got in for $6 per car. Now admittedly $6 for two people was a great deal – but $100 for two simply isn’t worth it. There aren’t that many cars at the Pre-Historics, the fixed exhibits (e.g., Rolex “Moments in Time”) isn’t set up, no vendors, no marque corrals, …. Tickets for the regular Historics weekend are about the same price ($40, $60, $50 for Fri, Sat Sun), so why would I pay a comparable amount the week before to see a lot less?

  5. This is how they keep out the unwashed masses. … No Zone 3 residents ……… No freeloaders. No, Low-riders blaring rap noise….. No automotive deadbeats at our show …. The young poor, the unlucky, no pay, no play… remember this is wealthy folks territory ……. and I don’t blame them one bit… This makes complete sense, a good idea..

  6. It’s not so bad that these people raised the entrance fee ( although $20.00 would have been plenty ) but then to attempt
    to convince the fans that it was done so that now something that was not open to the public before can now be attended for a “nominal” fee. Why would you fix something that is not broken? Unless of course there is a profit involved. Much the same reason that Steve Earl no longer promotes the
    Monterey Historics_oops, I mean Reunion.

  7. The beginning of the end happened when Steve Earl combined the so called “Ferrari Challenge” with the Pre Historic event. The “people” running that event (last year?) were not the same laid back racer types I’m accustommed to and were very Nazi like in their positions of power- ” Dis ees a Private Event-You veel park in zee durt wiss all ze uhzuh reef-rahf!” I’ve always brought my restored special interest vehicle which has never even seen a rain drop let alone parking in a dirt lot with tumble weeds and dirt clods. I then discovered the pits were CLOSED! I was able to sneak into the pits any way but felt like a fish out of water unlike before when it was an enthusiests event. I say good ridence to Mr. Earle and his elitest attitude towards REAL racers/enthusiests. Its too bad that this event has been discovered since it has always been the best valued event in the world till now. I will happily pay the gate as long as I am treated as a Human Being rather than some sort of nuisence.

  8. I have an extra room at the Portola Hotel from 8-12 to 8-16. I need to transfer my reservation to avoid having to pay. YOu would pay directly to the hotel.
    Contact me at:
    ecarrillog at comcast dot net

  9. WOW. It takes only a handful of people to destroy an event
    that so many racer fans enjoyed over the years. The croud free day was great.

    I know for sure that at least 16 of us will not pay $50.00ea
    and $ 60.00 plus dollars in gas to be there.

    I will not be going next weekend either. Along with many of our friends. Hope you greedy money mongers see it takes people at the gates to make money. Piss them off and your event will fail. Good luck!!!

  10. Will any of Jack Andrew Griffith 400’s be at the event? The Cobras, Corvettes, Porsches 904’s, Ferrari’s and Jaguars have had some unique problems with the Griffith 400’s. See U-tube 2012 Silverstone, Gentlemen Drivers, race and you will see it for yourself.

    Noted. The Griffith 400’s are so fast that they ususally are just behind and in front of some Ford GT 40’s. See 6 hour GT40 race, 2012, SPA Francorchamps.

    Hopefully, Steve Ferron brings one of his TVR/Griffith 200 and/or 400 to the event.

    My best,
    Chuck Pineda