Mercedes-Benz 300 SC – Car Profile

Mercedes-Benz 300 SC PhotoThe three-liter, six-cylinder 300S model Mercedes-Benz was first exhibited in October 1951 at the Paris Salon and production began in 1952. It was designed for the discriminating sports car enthusiast, and was to follow on the pre-war concept of the famous 500K and 540K Series cars that matched elegance with power.

These new Singelfingen coach built cars set a new standard of excellence that has to this day rarely been equaled, and has provided a performance far superior to their pre-war counterparts. For example, the supercharged 540K models were developing about 180 bhp and weighed nearly 6,000 pounds. The 300Sc has almost similar power and weighs only 4,000 pounds, and with more responsive suspension and better tires, was much faster. In fact, the famous pre-war Mercedes Grand Prix driver, Karl Kling, drove around Nurburgring faster in one of these cars that any other previous road production Mercedes-Benz.

Three body styles were available: coupe, convertible coupe, and roadster, and each body was hand finished to an exacting standard. The interior design and fittings were comparable to any Rolls Royce and were of the finest materials. The large well-padded front seats are trimmed in top grade leather and luxury pile carpet is used throughout. The four-speed gearbox was available with either column- or floor-mounted gear change. The spacious rear trunk had a full set of fitted personal luggage in matching interior leather trim.

The 300 Series three-liter six-cylinder engine in its final SC configuration had Bosch direct fuel injection which provided true sports car performance with a top speed well exceeding 110 mph. The basis of this engine was used by the 300SL Gullwing and roadsters.

The SC model, introduced in 1955, had a very brief production run of only 98 cars. These cars were hand built and, when new, showed the highest amount of quality and attention to detail.

1956 Mercedes-Benz 300 Sc Coupe For Sale

Details: Seller Axel Schuette does not list an asking price. Car is located in Germany.

Seller Comments: “This vehicle was completely restored in 1994 by Jack Brahms, who was regarded as the world’s best 300 S and SC restorer at that time. Between 1996 and 2003, the car was a large collection of Mercedes-Benz, winning several prizes in the United States.”

“The car has been completely reviewed by Kienle, updated and technically improved. This vehicle is one of its recent restorations.”

Sports Car Digest Comments: The 2008 Sports Car Market price guide suggests a $175,000 – $210,000 price range for a Mercedes-Benz 300 Sc Coupe, while the May – August 2008 Cars That Matter price guide advocates a $192,000 – $317,000 range.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SC Photos:

Mercedes-Benz 300 SC Top Photo

Mercedes-Benz 300 SC Luggage Photo

Mercedes-Benz 300 SC Left Rear Photo

[Source: Christie’s]