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Lime Rock’s “Big Bend”

Lime Rock Park’s Big Bend really is a big bend and represents a significant chunk of the total lap time at Lime Rock. Because of its unique shape—and length—no other corner at Northwest Connecticut’s famous circuit offers so much potential for improving lap times as does Big Bend.

While it’s not a Type One corner (one that leads onto a long straight), it is a very long corner with two apexes and three distinct radii. The first and biggest radius lets you carry monster entry speed on the way in, and the second lets you go quite fast mid-corner for several seconds. The third, and shortest, radius is defined by the second apex. Many fast guys turn into Big Bend at full chat, then trail-brake on a diagonal toward the first apex (a little past the end of the first curb), rolling off the brakes just as they reach it. The big advantage: They’re holding straightaway speed longer, and it reduces the tendency to over-slow early.

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