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Greenwood Corvette (Chassis 002) will be sold at Russo & Steele's Monterey AuctionRusso and Steele announced the consignment of Greenwood Corvette, chassis 002, for their 9th annual Sports & Muscle at the Marriott, to be held August 13th-15th at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Monterey.

The Greenwood Corvette, chassis no.002, was developed by Corvette specialist John Greenwood to battle the best from Europe and beyond. With its cross-ram, Kinsler fuel injected all-aluminum 700hp big blocks, the Greenwood Corvette was tough to beat on the faster race tracks.

In 1974 the Greenwood Corvette was first seen in competition at the IMSA Road Atlanta, where it was aptly named, “Batmobile.” Driven by John Greenwood and Mike Brockman, it qualified second and led in the opening laps before leaving after 17 laps. It saw success later in the season, with Milt Minter winning at Talladega and John Greenwood lapping the entire field at the Daytona series finale, averaging a very strong 115.659mph in the process.

Greenwood Corvette, Chassis 002In 1975 Greenwood’s Corvette finished 4th in the first IMSA round in Road Atlanta, then later defended the title at the Daytona Finale race, setting another record at 116.775mph for the 65 laps.

C.J. Baker spoke about John Greenwood and his Corvette in Hot Rod magazine, saying, “Of course it’s true that John is on a first-name basis with many of the engineers at Chevrolet Division and that he has spent well over $125,000 developing his car, but still all of that is virtually insignificant when compared to the factory effort and expenditure the foreign companies have invested in their super-lightweight racers. And yet, when the checkered flag falls, there’s John Greenwood in the 2,800lb Corvette streaking across the finish line ahead of the 2,000lb wondercars from across the pond.”

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  1. I saw John Greenwood run this car at Watkins Glen at the 6hr. The pictures don’t come close to showing the sheer audacity that this car expressed. To hear it blasting up the esses onto the long straight was unbelievable. It sounded stronger than the prototypes running at the same time. It’s good to see this car(and John’s work)get the respect that their history requires.