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Photo: Pete Austin

Many will believe my greatest racecar will be the Ferrari 156 “sharknose,” since featuring in my film and DVD of the late 1990s, La Passione. As a romantic young boy it was, but now I would say it wasn’t. It has to be remembered, Stirling Moss wiped the board with the sharknose driving the Rob Walker, Lotus 18. La Passione, was partly autobiographical, and goes someway to explain my interest in motor racing.

My father was Italian, but I grew up in Middlesbrough in the northeast of England. Being Italian, my father was an ice cream maker, but he was also a lover of blood red Italian racing cars—Maseratis, Ferraris and Alfa Romeos. My love and passion for motor racing is indelibly linked to my formative years and my father’s influence. I’m not into modern cars, road or racing; my philosophy is that if a car is too big to park outside my favorite Indian Restaurant it’s not for me. Most modern cars, including the latest Ferrari, are far too big.

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