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Denise McCluggage Honored at 2013 Santa Fe Concorso

Denise McCluggageThe Santa Fe Concorso 2013 will be held September 27–29 at the Club at Las Campanas in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This year’s event will honor racing driver and automotive journalist, Denise McCluggage.
McCluggage raced with some of most famous race car drivers in history — Phil Hill, the first American to win a Formula 1 championship; Sir Stirling Moss, Britain’s greatest race car driver; and Carroll Shelby, a colorful American race and builder of American sports and muscle cars that bear his name. She raced all over the world and earned acceptance in what was truly a “man’s world” at that time.
In addition to a life in racing, McCluggage has been an automotive journalist for more than 60 years. She was involved with the founding of what would become Autoweek Magazine. In addition to racing she has also sailed, taught and written a book on skiing and is an award-winning photographer to name just a few of her accomplishments. And she is one of the founders of the Santa Fe Concorso.
At age 86, McCluggage is still going strong. She continues to attend and write about auto events around the world. She is a judge at major automotive events such as Pebble Beach and Amelia Island. And she has started a company to publish car-related books for the kindle.
Now in its fourth year, the Santa Fe Concours annually attracts more than 100 automobiles and motorcycles. A selection of the vehicles on display this year will include ones that McCluggage actually raced herself, gathered from U.S. collections and abroad. For additional information, visit
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