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Crummy Cars and Lousy Design to be Honored

Concours AMC PacerMonterey Weekend has long been considered the finest, most sophisticated, most respected event on the car-hobby calendar. On Saturday, August 15th, 2009, Concours d’LeMons will change that. 

Hosted by the same miscreants behind the 24 Hours of LeMons and Billetproof, Concours d’LeMons brings exclusive and passionate creations such as Pinto, Gremlin, Honey Bee, Edsel, and Trabant to the hitherto-scenic Peninsula, along with the Weekend’s greatest collection of oil leaks.

Celebrating the Oddball, Mundane, and truly Awful of the automotive world, Concours d’LeMons ’09 honors aesthetic and technological underachievement through traditional categories such as Lowest-Quality American Car, Leakiest Brit Pile, and Crappiest Car from a Communist Country. Special Classes include VW Bug Special Coachwork; Carrozzeria Iacocca (for K-Cars and K-Car derivatives); and Wretched Rejects (for vehicles with hostile rejection letters from other concours). 

To guarantee a lifestyle experience worthy of Concours d’LeMons’ participants, the Toro Park show venue – lovingly crafted by the Monterey County Parks & Rec Department – offers oak-shaded display fields with sweeping, majestic views of the parking lot, plus a world-class selection of Porta-Potties. Showgoers will also encounter LeMons-worthy artisanal foods, most of them deep-fried on sticks. 

Due to space limitations, the organizers regret that over-restored trailer queens, endless rows of identical red 308s, and splotchy watercolors of prewar GP scenes can not be seen at this event.

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[Source: Concours d’LeMons]