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Mercedes Benz CLK DTM – Car Profile

Mercedes Benz CLK DTM For Sale2003 Mercedes Benz CLK DTM Factory Race Car For Sale

Details: Seller Oakfields is asking £245,000 for the DTM racer. Car is located in the U.K.

strong>Seller Comments: “Full factory specification car. Carbon body weighing only 980 kg (2160 lbs) with ballast. V8 5 litre engine production 475 bhp. 6 speed X-track sequential transmission & Carbon Brakes.”

Sports Car Digest Comments: Sports Car Digest has always thought that Mercedes visually prepares their DTM cars better than the other teams. They always seem to have the right stance and look, no matter what car they base it upon, and this CLK is no exception.

The street legal Mercedes CLK DTM AMG (enough acronyms?) managed a 3.9 second 0-60 time on its way to an electronically limited 200 mph top speed. While the street legal CLK does produce a whopping 574 bhp versus the racer’s 475 bhp, it also weighs nearly twice as much as the race car. In other words, while the street legal version is fast, the real DTM racer would be incredibly fast.

While we are not exactly sure where this retired DTM racer would race these days, that wouldn’t stop us from buying it for local track days. It would be worth it to see the look on your friend’s face when you blast past them in this Mercedes.

Mercedes Benz CLK DTM Photos:

Mercedes Benz CLK DTM Right Rear

Mercedes Benz CLK DTM Interior

Mercedes Benz CLK DTM Engine

Mercedes Benz CLK DTM Model Car