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The Ford Galaxie’s strong NASCAR and drag racing legacy is well known among Ford racing enthusiasts. Not so widely known, though, was the Galaxie’s memorable mark on the Touring Car and Saloon racing classes, as part of Ford’s “Total Performance” plans outside of the USA.

Starting with the 1963 British Touring car season, a small number of Galaxies were a regular feature in Europe at tracks such as Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Nurburgring and many others. Initial doubts as to their competitiveness were short-lived; despite their great size and weight compared to the opposition, the Ford 427 engine gave them a competitive power-to-weight ratio and the handling was better than expected.

1963 Ford Galaxie Coupe For Sale

Details: Seller Taylor & Crawley does not list the asking price. Car is located in the U.K.

Seller Comments: “Beautifully prepared with no expense spared, 7 litre with toploader, 3 Goodwood Revivals, optional spares package. The best.”

Sports Car Digest Comments: We love the period look and feel of this Galaxie down to its lowered suspension, steel wheels, Plexiglas side windows and red with white stripes Willment/Olthoff team livery. Better still, with a stout 427 and forgiving handling, they are very competitive as attested by this Galaxie’s throttle-steering Goodwood Revival win.

Sports Car Digest could not confirm whether this Galaxie is a factory 427ci/450hp R-code model, or whether it’s an original Willment/Olthoff team car as its red with white stripes livery suggests. If either is true, the price will undoubtedly be north of $150,000, if not closer to $250,000. What we do know, however, is that this Galaxie is a very unique and fun entry into Goodwood and other great vintage races.



[Source: Photos courtesy of and Olthoff Racing]

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