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Car Of The Day: 1982 Lancia Rally 037

The Lancia Rally 037 was a Group B rally car produced by Lancia in cooperation with Abarth and Pininfarina. It used rear-wheel drive, which was a handicap compared to other four-wheel-drive cars, but still won the 1983 World Rally Championship. The car was based on the Beta Montecarlo’s frame cell chassis, and had a mid-mounted engine with a Volumex volumetric compressor. It had many advanced features, such as a dry oil sump, ZF gearbox, self-ventilated brake discs, and adjustable suspension.

The Lancia Rally 037 was one of the most beautiful and recognizable sporting cars in the world, with a sporty and aggressive design featuring large and aerodynamic spoilers, a swelling bonnet, and a widened track. The car was produced in 222 samples for the first series, each mounted by hand and set out for painting before being reassembled.

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