Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week Gives Chairman’s Award to 1951 Delahaye Model 235 Cabriolet

On October 4, 2021, the annual Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week concluded, but not before they awarded the 1951 Delahaye Model 235 Cabriolet owned by Mullin Automotive Museum collection with the Chairman’s Award.

180 cars from 20 different classes of vehicles coming from as early as 1899 until 1970 were present during the Audrain Newport Concours. Throughout the four-day event, almost 3,000 people attended the event honoring automotive luxury and history.

The event was held at Breakers Mansion in Newport, RI. The event made its debut in 2019, with automotive enthusiast and former Tonight Show host, Jay Leno as chairman and this is the second time it was held since then.

Mullin Automotive Museum director Merie Mullin shared, “It’s a great honor to receive the Chairman’s Award considering all of the amazing vehicles that were present. My husband Peter bought this car nearly 15 years ago and we’re elated that its eye-catching appeal and unique detailing still stands out.”

The 1951 Delahaye 235 did not just win the Chairman’s Award, it also finished third in the “Luxury Meets Sport” class. It was just behind a 1937 Delahaye 135M Competition and a 1953 Abarth Ghia 1100 SS Coupe, which claimed the first and second place respectively.

The 1951 Delahaye 235 in an exclusive sports car that brought together pre-war handcraftsmanship with the technological innovation right after the war. It has an enveloped body and fenders, chrome rim, large steering wheel, and central crown insignia. It is the last luxury car produced by Delahaye.

Visit the Mullin Automotive Museum collection to know more about the car and other similar automotive in the collection.

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