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2023 Concorso Italiano

Capturing Elegance and Power

A 1967 Ferrari P3/412P Tribute car Kristina Cilia
A 1967 Ferrari P3/412P Tribute car

The sun-drenched greens of the Bayonet and Blackhorse Golf Course played host to a mesmerizing automotive spectacle on August 19, 2023—the illustrious Concorso Italiano. Against sprawling fairways and manicured lawns, this gathering of automotive enthusiasts celebrated the timeless beauty, precision engineering, and the indomitable spirit of Italian car craftsmanship. The prestigious Concorso Italiano has long been hailed as a temple of exquisite automotive design, where Italian marques come together to showcase their finest creations. This year’s event was nothing short of a symphony, with each car playing its unique note in the composition of automotive excellence.

This Lamborghini Muira won Best in Show Kristina Cilia
This Lamborghini Muira won Best in Show

From the iconic prancing horse emblem of Ferrari to the fierce bull insignia of Lamborghini, the event featured a breathtaking array of vehicles. Classic models that had withstood the test of time stood proudly next to the latest innovations, creating a bridge between the past and the future of automotive artistry. Milestones among the notable marques include Lamborghini celebrating 60 years in the industry, Maserati commemorating 60 years of the Quattroporte, Merak’s 50th, and the Lancia Appia was introduced 70 years ago. Amidst the glittering lineup, several timeless classics stole the show, captivating the hearts of both casual onlookers and die-hard aficionados; from the Lancia Appia and the Maserati-powered Citroen SM to the 1967 Lamborghini Muira that won Best in Show.

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