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Porsche 356 Coupe and Cabriolet on Zoute Grand Prix 2012

Zoute Grand Prix 2012 – Report and Photos

Zoute Grand Prix and Concours d’Elegance 2012 – Photo Gallery

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[Source: Dirk de Jager]

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  1. Looks like a great event. Given that I’m halfway around the world, I doubt I will ever attend, yet it’s a treat to see cars enjoyed in Belgium. I particularly enjoy the photo of the 550 Porsche coming out of the wooded drive. Lovely.

  2. The beatiful rear end of the Griffith 400 or TVR is amazing. It’s almost like the TVR Griffith 400 in this months Octane magazine. I couldn’t find any more information or followup pictures of the Griffith 400 or TVR Griffith 400. I’ve learned that only 59 Griffith 400’s were made for the whole world! Is it possible to interview Sean and Michael McInerney and the fabulous TVR Griffith 400 that came in second at the 2013 Old Timers Grand Prix?

    I saw the race on U-tube and it appears that the winning Jaguar was using many other E Jaguars to block the Griffith, almost like American football blockers running interference for the ball carrier. The car camera shows the Jaguar driver constantly looking at his rearview mirror to see where the TVR Griffith is at. Michael or Sean did a great job of beating every Shelby AC Cobra, Porsche 904, Corvette, Lotus Elans, and an army of lightweight and regular E-Jaguars.

    Could you please make an effort to contact Sean and Michael McInerney for their input of that fantastic automobile.

    My best,
    Chuck Pineda of California