The 30 Million Dollar Ferrari 250 GTO

Widespread during Monterey Week was the rumor that a Ferrari 250 GTO privately traded hands for a whopping $30,000,000. And yes, that is not a typo.

Sports Car Digest has yet to definitively confirm the rumor, but the sale is very believable as Ferrari prices have been on a tear, particularly for the very finest models. The best confirmation of the sale we have found is the typical, “I know a guy who knows a guy that knows the buyer.”

Therefore, if you know the buyer, you are the buyer or you hold insider information of this milestone deal, please contact Sports Car Digest at [email protected] or post a response below, so we can put this trade on the books.

While $30,000,000 may be a mind-blowing amount of money to pay for a car, the buyer is also buying a true work of art and one of only 36 Ferrari 250 GTOs, the most famous of all Ferraris. Compared to the price paid for a Jackson Pollock, a Picasso or a Monet, this rumored sale has to be considered a sensible purchase.