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Porsche Race Car Classic 2011 – Event Preview

Porsche Race Car Classic 2011 at Quail LodgePorsche racing cars that made the marque famous at tracks like Le Mans, Daytona and Nurburgring will be the focus of the Porsche Race Car Classic, scheduled for Sunday, October 16, 2011 at the Quail Lodge in Carmel, California.
The Porsche Race Car Classic will feature Porsche cars from 1950-1965 and include purpose-built race cars and production cars with significant race history during that period. Museums and private collections all over the world are bringing their rolling history to join in the display and proudly place their cars alongside their racing brethren.
Porsche model types – from Gmünd coupes, to 804 formula cars, to Porsche 904s – will be arranged in 18 groups. Each group will represent another step in Porsche’s remarkable advance and include the very cars that propelled Porsche into the racing world spotlight.
The grouping of 25 Speedsters and Convertible Ds with include the first production Speedster, the extensively raced ex-Joe Buzzetta Speedster and the Pre-A Speedster that Pedro Rodriguez drove to 1st in class at Circuito Santa Ana, El Salvador in 1958. Additional 356 variants: 356B GTs, 356 SC GTs, Pushrod Speedster GTs, Carrera Coupes, Gmünds, Glocklers, America Roadsters, plus the only two Dreikantschabers ever made.
The 16-car 904 and 904/6 group includes 904-002 – the second prototype built, and 904-006 – a factory car that took 1st or 2nd in four major international events in 1964 and 1965.
Among a group of eleven 550 Spyders, formerly piloted by the likes of Herrman, von Frankenberg, von Neumann, de Beaufort, Ginther, McCluggage, and Hill there will be five prototypes: 550-01, 550-03, 550-04, 550-06, and 550-09. Their wins at the Nürburgring, Nassau, Le Mans, the Carrera Panamericana and elsewhere permanently etched the Porsche name into the annals of racing history.
Additional models featured at the Porsche Race Car Classic 2011 include 718s, Abarth Carreras, and Elva Porsches and Porsche’s only two 804 Formula One race cars. There are additional groupings, incorporating Outlaws, 901s/911s, later race cars, Bobsy and Devin-bodied Porsches and much more.
Adding to the event, a dozen era pilots and some special Porsche representatives will be on hand to honor the cars and pilots, and to recognize the blood, sweat, tears, and joy they represent.
All net proceeds from ticket sales as well as sponsor contributions will go directly to two world-class organizations, the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and the UCSF Thoracic Oncology Program, to aid in their fight to drive lung cancer off the planet.
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Porsche Race Car Classic 2011 – Event Details
Sunday, October 16, 2011
10:00 am Event gates open to public.
10:05 am Unveiling of the cars for display.
12:00 -1:30 pm Lunch served.
2:00 pm Announcements.
5:00 pm Event closes.
Quail Lodge Golf Club
Farm Field
8000 Valley Greens Drive
Carmel, CA 93923
There is a parking lot adjacent to the entrance of the Farm Field. Parking is included in your ticket price.
Ticket Price ($400*) includes the following:
Commemorative book and poster
Complimentary local gourmet specialties
*Tax ID 20-4417327 The fair market value of each ticket is $50. All contributions exceeding this value ($350 per ticket) are tax-deductible. The value of the day and the contribution to the cause is priceless.
[Source: Porsche Race Car Classic]