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Polaris Slingshot Unveils 2023 Lineup

2023 Slingshot Lineup

Polaris Slingshot is taking personalization and customization to a whole new level as they just released their 2023 model year lineup. With numerous combinations options direct from the factory, it also features exciting and vibrant colorways that inspires clients to design their own ride. Slingshot also have a number of accessories across style, comfort, sound, and technology that gives drivers the capability to personalize their ride in a way that is perfect for their lifestyle.

Polaris Slingshot Vice President Chris Sergeant shared, “Whether you’re looking to elevate your everyday, escape on an epic adventure, or utilize the three-wheel canvas for self-expression, the 2023 Polaris Slingshot delivers limitless possibilities to design your perfect ride. Each year we continue to evolve the lineup by listening to our riders, and this year is another example of thoughtful additions and enhancements that answer the call and serve our passionate owners.”

New Colorways

For 2023, Slingshot is introducing a variety of traditional and exotic paint colors to create an entirely new look for the new lineup. Classic color options will still include colors like the Jet Black on the S with Technology Package, the Cobalt Blue for the SL, and the Red Shadow for the SLR, there are new interesting paint schemes that will be introduced like the Pacific Teal for the SL, Lime Shadow for the SLR, and Miami Blue Fade for the R. They will be available on select models to have a more vibrant and colorful Slingshot lineup. The Polaris Slingshot website have a complete lineup of the available color options by model.

Customer Requested Accessories

For 2023, Polaris Slingshot is responding to customer feedback by introducing two new factory accessories. Starting spring 2023, they will be releasing some new accessories for additional convenience in the RAM® X-Grip Phone Mount and the Excursion Rearview Mirror. For easy viewing and accessibility, the new Slingshot cell phone is mounted to the center of the Slingshot dash.

Enhanced Infotainment System

Further improving the user experience is the 7-inch Touchscreen Display which is powered by RIDE COMMAND. The integrated infotainment provides key vehicle information and mobile phone connectivity via Bluetooth® and USB. As standard on the R models, drivers will be able to smoothly access Apple CarPlay® and other turn-by-turn GPS navigation with connected services, this feature is available as an accessory upgrade for models equipped with RIDE COMMAND.

Additional Customization Options

Polaris Slingshot has added more than 50 new premium painted accessories to give clients even more options to fully customize their Slingshot. Accessories like the Rear Fender, Slingshade® top, Exterior Painted Accents, Front Grille, and Belt Guard can be ordered in either matching-color on the painted parts or in contrasting color that pops of color. Comfort and convenience can easily be added through accessories like the Excursion Top, RAM® X-Grip Phone Mount, and other integrated storage bags.

Customers can easily build their own Slingshot through the company’s website where they will be presented with several configuration options. This enabled Slingshot to produce a vehicle that is personalized for each customer. Clients will be given the option on their preferred model, paint color, transmission type, and between either a sporty manual or the more accessible AutoDrive transmission. There are also options on wheels, seats, and hoods.

As an example, a customer can opt to fit their Slingshot with the Vented Sport Hood and add Heated and Cooled Seats. They can also choose to upgrade select models with Aluminum Roll Hoops, XK Glow® Interior Lighting, or upgrade the sound system with Stage 3 Audio by Rockford Fosgate®, which integrates the speakers into the roll hoops directly behind the headrest of each seat.

Available Key Accessory Upgrades

Vented Sport Hood, Excursion Top, and Slingshade®

The Vented Sport Hood improves aerodynamics and cockpit airflow through vented fenders and a hood scoop. It also adds a unique aggressive style and is available in 16 different colors. On the Slighshot R, it comes as standard, and it also available as an upgrade for all other 2020-2023 models.

On select models, the Excursion Top and Slingshade® can also be added not just for style, but also for functionality. The Excursion Top gives additional comfort with a canvas top that can easily be installed and removed. This is available for 2022 models and newer vehicles. The Slingshade® sets the standard with its vertical opening T-Top panels with friction hinge technology, and gorgeous finish. Slingshade® was designed with the Slingshot vehicle and showcases its smooth lines and automotive-grade finish, color-matched to the vehicle. Ingress and egress is smooth with the T-Top panels as it features tinted windows to be able to see overhead and also to give the cockpit extra lighting. All 2020-2023 models can be fit with the Slingshade® as an accessory upgrade.

Heated and Cooled Seats

Heated and Cooled seats simply enhances the driving experience. Powering the seats are industry-leading Thermoelectric technology matched with the flexible High-Tech Graphene material. It has three seat settings for optimal heating and cooling, easy to access large control buttons which are back-lit and feature haptic feedback.


Slingshot are equipped with premium wheels to give it a distinct style and provide outstanding performance. Equipped with the premium Brembo® braking system and its multi-piston, painted calipers, and lightweight rotors, Slingshot owners are guaranteed optimum performance, comfort, and aesthetics.


With the exception of the S, a state-of-the-art, 100-watt Rockford Fosgate® audio system comes as standard in all Slingshot models. Each headrest is fitted with the Stage 3 Roll Hoop Audio Kit by Rockford Fosgate® which enables the clients to upgrade their sound and customize their look by matching or contrasting it with the color scheme of their Slingshot.


Drivers can easily express themselves or simply match their driving mood with the help of the Interior LED Lighting by XKGlow® which has the capability to change the interior lights along with the music through an exclusive Slingshot app. The lights have the full red, green, and blue color light spectrum for complete customization.

2023 Vehicle Lineup

Slingshot S

2023 Slingshot S
2023 Slingshot S
2023 Slingshot S

The Slingshot S is the perfect model for complete customization. It is available in Moonlight White in manual (price starts at $21,499 & $21,799 in California) and AutoDrive (price starts at $23,349 & $23,649 in California).

Slingshot S with Technology Package 1

Technology Package 1 takes the Slingshot S model to the next level. It has a 50-watt Rockford Fosgate® audio system with a 2.7-inch display, speaker pods, and Rockford Fosgate® tweeters located in the dash. An additional upgrade in the S models with the Technology Package 1 include a vehicle security package and a standard Ripper Series Clear Wind Deflector gives additional comfort as well.

S with Technology Package 1 is available in Moonlight White and Jet Black in manual (price starts at $24,299 & $24,599 in California, respectively) and AutoDrive (price starts at $26,149 & $26,499 in California, respectively).

Slingshot SL

2023 Slingshot SL
2023 Slingshot SL
2023 Slingshot SL
2023 Slingshot SL

Slingshot SL provides more style and is ready to be personalized. It is available in four colorways with additional style components, a 100-watt Rockford Fosgate® audio system, premium paint finish, and a 7-inch touchscreen display powered by RIDE COMMAND. In a completely different level than the S, the SL enables the client to be seen and heard.

The 2023 SL models are available in Storm Gray, Cobalt Blue, Neon Lime, and Pacific Teal. They are also available in manual (price starts at $27,499 & $27,799 in California; $34,799 CAD) and AutoDrive (price starts at $29,349 & $29,649 in California; $36,999 CAD).

Slingshot SLR

2023 Slingshot SLR
2023 Slingshot SLR
2023 Slingshot SLR
2023 Slingshot SLR
2023 Slingshot SLR

The SLR has an upgraded performance as well as high-end style and comfort, filled with powerful possibilities with a high-revving 203 HP Pro Star engine. The loaded SLR will exit the factory with two-tone paint, extra exterior lighting, premium sport interior, and a 305 mm rear wheel.

The 2023 SLR models come in three new colors, Red Shadow, Lime Shadow, and Cobalt Blue Fade in both manual (price starts at $30,399 & $30,699 in California; $38,699 CAD) and AutoDrive (price starts at $32,249 & $32,549 in California; $40,899 CAD).

Slingshot R

2023 Slingshot R
2023 Slingshot R
2023 Slingshot R
2023 Slingshot R
2023 Slingshot R

The Slingshot R is back as the high-end model for those who love to stand out. The R catches attention with its enhanced bold multi-tone paint scheme, standout style, and premium features. It is equipped with the 203 hp ProStar engine, Brembo® painted front calipers, and paddle shifters for AutoDrive. It also has a 7-inch touchscreen display powered by RIDE COMMAND with turn-by-turn navigation, connected services, and Apple CarPlay®. The R also got a high-performance upgrade with the striking Sport Vented Hood.

2023 R models are available in Desert Sky, Graphite Blue, MIami Blue Fade, Lime Dream, and Pacific Teal Haze. It comes in manual (price starts at $33,999 & $34,299 in California; $42,899 CAD) and AutoDrive (price starts at $36,149 & $36,449 in California; $45,499 CAD).

The Polaris Slingshot 2023 lineup will be available in dealers by early 2023. To know more about the 2023 lineup, visit the Polaris Slingshot website.