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Morgan Motor Company Producing Limited Edition 3 Wheeler – the P101

The Morgan Motor Company has announced the production of one of their most esteemed models, the 3 Wheeler, will be ending shortly. A limited-edition version of the 3 wheeler though, the P101, will be released prior to the production concluding.

It was 9 years ago that the 3 Wheeler was introduced, with production wrapping up in 2021, once type approval on its S&S V-twin engine finishes.

The name P101 stands for ‘Project 101’, originating from the name they gave their project internally when they started development on the 3 wheeler more than ten years ago. The P101 was envisioned by the in-house Design and Engineering department at Morgan Motor Company to celebrate the success of the original project, as well as the success of its other resulting models, throughout the whole production run. Production of the P101 will be limited to just 33 examples.

“The P101 celebrates the raw and stripped back nature of the 3 Wheeler and provides us with the perfect opportunity to draw an incredible chapter of Morgan’s history to a close. Once the 33 examples have been created, the opportunity for an exciting new chapter for three-wheeled Morgan vehicles begins.”

Morgan Motor Company Chairman & CEO, Steve Morris, 

With more than 2,500 units produced since it was launched in 2011, the 3 Wheeler is one of the Morgan Motor Company’s most popular model. It has been exported all over the world and is the recipient of countless awards and recognitions in the automotive industry. The car’s popularity and awards, as well as the eye-catching road trips that the owners have done, shows that the spirit of individuality and adventure is thriving in the automotive industry. 

The P101 embodies a purposeful and utilitarian look and has been given a variety of unique components and bespoke detailing that were inspired mainly by the design features of its predecessors. 

A stunning single-leaf tonneau cover that was initially presented on Morgan’s EV3 concept in 2016 has been used to amplify the asymmetrical theme. The composite resin cover displays a natural translucent golden color, similar to the materials that could be seen on engine shrouds in 1970s race cars.   

The P101 will also be equipped with Aero-disc wheels that were painted to match the body color to feature a seamless as well as a unique look for the P101 edition.

To add to the unique identity of the P101, Morgan Motor Company alternated black and white ceramic-coated exhausts so that the left side contrasted to the right of the model. Other details of the model are torque markers that were placed on each front tire, a fly screen, straight-cut exhausts, exposed rivet details, additional louvers, and unique P101 markings. Combining all the features elicits the excitement that the company felt at the time that the initial prototypes were being developed. 

The 3 Wheeler P101 comes in Deep Black or Satin White Silver. Customers can also choose from four P101 art packs, each of them has their own vivid graphics and unique identifiers: 

The Belly Tank art pack were inspired by the belly tank racers or the ‘lakesters’ that had initially inspired the 3 Wheeler. This graphic pack  will highlight a distressed look in the vinyl.  

The Dazzleship is the boldest amongst the four art packs. It features a stunning black and white design that are reminiscent of the graphic camouflage in period military vehicles. 

The Aviator is an extension of the graphic pack that are currently being offered on the 3 Wheeler. It is heavily influenced by the nose art that can be seen of RAF planes in WWII. 

The Race Car is a tribute to the three wheeled Morgan vehicles that were entered into races almost as soon as the first example was released. It displays stripes and roundels that were seen on the early Morgan race cars. 

The 3 Wheeler P101 is priced at £45,000 excluding taxes and on-the-road costs. All the 33 units have already been allocated to different Morgan dealerships in the UK, Europe, and USA. The model will begin production immediately, along with the production of ‘bespoke’ 3 Wheelers in 2021. 

  [Source: Morgan Motor Company}

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