Mille Miglia Ferrari Tribute 2011 Information

Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet during Mille Miglia Ferrari Tribute 2010The 2011 Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia will take place from Wednesday, May the 11th (optional), to Sunday, May the 15th, starting and finishing in Brescia, Italy. The Ferrari Tribute to the Mille Miglia is a national classic regularity event open to classic and modern Ferrari cars.

Applications for entry into the Mille Miglia Ferrari Tribute 2011 are now open and will close on Sunday, December 19th, 2010. Similar to the inaugural tribute, participation is limited to all cars produced by Ferrari between 1958 and 2011. The maximum number of cars allowed to take part in the event is 130. A selection committee decides which cars are entered, with a goal of making sure a good selection of models and nationalities are present. Ferraris built between 1958 and 1981 will be classified as Classic Cars, while those built after 1981 will be Modern Cars. The Ferrari must be registered, have number plates and be roadworthy in accordance with current legislation. Cars with temporary number plates will not be accepted.

The Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia 2011 will be a classic regularity race, therefore not a speed race, but one characterized by the fact competitors must respect time limits, assigned by the organization, in which to complete the various parts of the route, as well as regularity stages.

Mille Miglia Ferrari Tribute 2011 – Schedule of Events

Wednesday, May 11th – Cars arrive at the Fiera di Brescia. Welcome coffee, pre-event checks, distribution of event numbers, and road books. Optional Ferrari dinner at a venue on lake Garda.

Thursday, May 12th – Cars arrive at the Fiera di Brescia and are then exhibited in the old town of Brescia. Parade along Viale Venezia. Lunch and briefing at a prestigious venue in Brescia. Brescia-Imola leg, passing through Bologna with parade in the town centre. Overnight stop in Imola.

Friday, May 13th – Imola-Rome leg. Lunch in Sansepolcro and arrival in Rome, passing through Castel Sant’Angelo. Overnight stop in Rome.

Saturday, May 14th – Rome-Brescia leg, passing through the Fiorano circuit for ability trials. Lunch in Buonconvento and arrival in Brescia.

Sunday, May 15th – Awards ceremony in Brescia and farewell lunch at an exclusive venue in Brescia.

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  1. Sad to say, this modern addition to the Mille Miglia has made the Retro overly commercialized and bastardized. The Milles of the late 1980s were in the l927-1957 tradition. Try to get a good photograph, which I did in ’86 to ’90, of a classic M.M. car you do not want a modern car following right behind it. It Be F’d Up. For an authentic event, go to the Monaco Historic Races and/or the Lemans Historic in 2012.

    1. I Agree with Mr Steve Snyder, I also have witnessed exactly as you say Sir, the same could be said about various Targa events around the globe now, real driver spots on waiting lists are being sold for very large offshore yen. Oh the true days of talent and classics are running out sadly :o(